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For this week’s gallery, we focus on a location that everyone should be familiar with. Whether or not you wear a forearm tattoo yourself, you can see one in the wild anytime you go shopping or out to a restaurant. While shoulder tattoos outnumber forearm tattoos, forearm tattoos catch more eyes thanks to their location. Whenever we move, our forearms move with us, helping us to balance and making any patterns on them stand out. On top of that, whenever you use your hands, the tattoo will also move. So let’s get on to the sick tattoo ideas. These forearm tattoos for men and women carry dozens of individual meanings, but perhaps they will inspire you to create your own design, or help you on the way to your tattoo. Without further ado, here is the inner forearm tattoo gallery!

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Perfect 3D Ink

Why Choose Your Forearm?

As I mentioned above, your forearm stands out a bunch and lets your design shine! There are other advantages to a forearm tattoo, though. For one, you can cover it up whenever you want. That might seem silly, but think of it like this—do you know what sort of job you will have in five years? Do you think you can get that position at Cool Company LLC if you sport a clearly visible tattoo? I wish I could say ‘Yes, tattoos are just little pieces of permanent flair that nobody minds,’ but the sad truth is that some companies think tattoos look unprofessional. Thankfully, long sleeves make the cut!

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Love the eye!

Forearm Tattoos Pain

On the grand scale of painful things, forearm tattoos don’t rank high. Compared to other tattoos, they rank as the least painful, primarily because our arms carry large amounts of muscle and fat that work as padding between the pen and the bone. Forearm tattoos that stretch to the outer elbow or the wrist may have a painful ending because very little fat gathers in those places. If you worry about pain, tattoo artists provide topical anesthetic cream to soothe the area ahead of time. My best piece of advice is just to bite the bullet, though—it’s not that bad!

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Forearm Tattoo Care

Before you get your forearm tattoo, make sure your body is in good shape. This doesn’t mean super buff or super skinny—it means a nice, healthy weight that you want for the rest of your life. If you need daily forearm exercises or forearm workouts to do that, then the only time you should take a break is during the healing process of your tattoo. Any time your arm gains or loses muscle or fat, your skin stretches and shrinks to compensate for that. Obviously, that shows up in how your tattoo looks over the years, and it makes the difference between a five year tattoo and a thirty year tattoo.

inner forearm tattoo  17

Other than that, caring for forearm tattoos is pretty standard. Just care for it as you would a normal tattoo. InkDoneRight has articles entirely dedicated to tattoo aftercare and tattoo preparation, so feel free to browse the site if you are interested in more of the health trivia that keeps tattoos looking nice.

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Forearm Tattoo Designs

Tattoo design relies on three things: meaning, aesthetic, and impact. Tattoo ideas for women and men are filled with layers of meaning unique to the inked individual. If you can’t think of what design you want, but absolutely need a tattoo, then you should start off with the tattoo’s meaning to you. Aesthetic determines what style your tattoo is, whether it is black or white, whether it has text or not…the whole look of your tattoo! Lastly, impact mixes meaning and aesthetic. Someone looking at your tattoo should receive an impact. They can be happy, sad, intimidated, respectful, or whatever you want!

inner forearm tattoo 5

Working closely with your artist helps them fulfill all three things to make the perfect design for you. Going to them with examples of what you want and the story behind the tattoo works wonders for tattoo quality based on that alone! Here are some ideas and images to get you started on forearm tattoo designs.

inner forearm tattoo 16

3D Realistic Tattoos

I’m sure you’ve seen galleries with titles along the lines of ‘3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind!’ 3D realistic tattoos are wicked cool, but what makes them so amazing? When people ask to see your tattoo, they expect a 2D art piece. When that art piece suddenly jumps out at them, the effect is a huge impact! The best 3D tattoos ever may not even follow the contours of the skin, and have dragonflies or spiders perching at strange angles. Optical illusions and insane detail make these little designs mesmerizing to look at, even years after they’re inked!

inner forearm tattoo 15

Small 3D tattoos for men and women alike can squeeze onto the forearm, and the curved surface makes them pop out even more! Even with 2D designs, tattoo artists use the arm curvature to make a scene come alive—with 3D art, it’s even easier than before! Thanks to the mobility of your forearm, you can easily show people your design at the ‘right’ angle to create the illusion. If you’re lucky and snag an excellent artist, moving your arm for the design isn’t required…but it’s still fun to show off your tattoo without taking your shirt off or anything!

inner forearm tattoo 12

Spiritual Tattoos

Spiritual tattoos come packed with meaning and beauty. Since you recognize spiritual symbols easily, this gives artists more leeway to get creative with the concept and really put an oomph into their impact. Spiritual tattoos aren’t just limited to religious tattoos, although small angel tattoos on the hand look pretty cute. No, there are at least two major ‘spiritual’ types of tattoos that I’ll go over, and probably lots more where that came from.

inner forearm tattoo 14

Patriotic Tattoos

Bikers and military across the nation wear patriotic eagle tattoos as a standard accessory in many countries. Your country isn’t a religion, but I’ll be damned if patriotic tattoos don’t show a supportive spirit in their ink. Love for your country, state, hometown, or sports teams show that team spirit and pride are still alive, even in the modern age! On top of that, making a symbol as a sign of unity goes back for millennia…and these flags, crests, designs, symbols, or logos convert well into patriotic tattoos!

inner forearm tattoo 2

To personalize your patriotic tattoo, consider combining it with other elements your country or team associate with. A combination of an American flag and a bald eagle mesh well together and allow your artist to explore many different designs. Different styles—such as tribal eagle tattoos instead of realistic eagle tattoos—might be worth looking into. Tribal tattoos are spiritual in nature, anyways—read up on them in our other articles! On the other hand, if your design is set in stone, you can stick with the fixed symbols and simply color swap them into a scheme that fits your aesthetic. Just…don’t try that with flags. It just doesn’t work for Italy and France.

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Religious Tattoos

It might seem weird to split this section into two, but I’m sure you can agree that a big difference distinguishes religious tattoos from plain old patriotic tattoos. These tattoos depict spirits and saints of a completely different kind. Angel tattoos and amazing cross tattoos are just the start of religious tattoo designs. As for the design itself, remember that your forearm is only the lower half of your arm. It’s not quite the right spot to get a sleeve, unless you plan on expanding it later.

inner forearm tattoo 11

Stick to religious symbols, small quotes, easily recognizable signs or figures, and something that rings true to your heart and you can be sure your design is perfect for the area. Wearing symbols of your religion shows others who you are before you even say a word. Your tattoo speaks volumes for you and, if you are inclined to discuss spirituality often, makes for a good starting point.

inner forearm tattoo 12

Inner Forearm Tattoos

As I wrote above, there are two sensitive spots on your forearm: the area near the elbow and the area near the wrist. This means that you can safely get a tattoo inked on your inner forearm without worrying about pain. Placed on your inner forearm, tattoo designs gain a tiny bit of intimacy. It’s slightly more difficult to see than a design that wraps around or rests on your outer forearm, and it’s easier to cover up this area with makeup or clothing. Here are some unique tattoo ideas for your inner forearm!

inner forearm tattoo 10

Small Forearm Tattoos

Size matters, and your designer must pay careful attention to your arm size so that your tattoo doesn’t cut off at your curves. Small tattoos are perfect for the job, with little symbols or images creating a striking and poignant image on your arm. Unique small tattoos with meaning packed into them give their admirers a huge impact.

Who are you? What do you stand for? Your small tattoo should say all this and more. If you are looking for an idea, those concepts also make a great place to start! Small Irish tattoos for women and men show off heritage, cute cat eyes show off personality, and a cross depicts spiritual belief.

inner forearm tattoo 9

Inner Forearm Word Tattoos

It’s not always about painting or drawing. Sometimes, you don’t need pictures to say a thousand words, because what you want to say is a only single word or two. Words on their own leave much to be imagined, and that space between thought and reality sometimes creates meanings that images can’t convey. If you find yourself nodding your head, then find a text design to use!

Forearm name tattoos and forearm quote tattoos work quite well because of the strange design space. In order to keep your tattoo design from falling off the edges, your artist must work with a space way too long for standard images. That length is perfect for letters! Large-lettered quotes and words can be written vertically, starting and ending at your wrist and elbow. Small-lettered ones can be squeezed in a more natural orientation, so that minimal effort is needed for others to read the tattoo.

inner forearm tattoo 8

Words are powerful tools that signal raw thought and emotion. Use them to honor loved ones, cherished ideals, and concepts that just need saying. Fonts mix art and writing to give those letters a bit more emotion. You can check out our full article on tattoo fonts. In the meantime, think about what voice reads in your head when you read the words of your tattoo. Is it soft and silky? You want an italic font. What about wise and authorative? A serif font suits you more. Talk to your artist about finding the perfect font for your tattoo.

A tattoo says a lot about you. Back covers speak loudly, ankle tattoos whisper, finger tattoos make strange comments from across the room…while forearm tattoos simply accompany you. Okay, that metaphor might have been a stretch! The point is, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Forearm tattoos hide when you want them to and display proudly when you’re ready to show them off. They show who you are to as many people as you would like, but at the same time…they define you. Wearing a tattoo makes you into a living piece of art. Once you wear some ink, you own a signature unique to your body. Whether you are a humble, book-reading introvert or a loud, party-going extrovert, wear your ink with pride and let your individuality shine!

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