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People, as a species, act rather social in nature. We thrive by meeting like-minded souls whose interests, fears, and desires align with our own. Making friends and connecting with others forms a fundamental part of human experience. While spending time alone works for some people, we also enjoy the opportunities in life to explore with others. With a little bit of numbing cream for sensitive people, any true friend would be open to a tattoo that shows that.

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Naturally, then, we want to do something to celebrate and commemorate the unique bonds we share with others. And what better to way to rejoice in the ties of friendship than with a friendship tattoo?

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Best Friends Tattoo

People show wild diversity, which means friendship designs show the same variation of fun colors. Why waste money on a friendship necklace or ring that tarnishes or falls into a gutter? To truly express your friendship, invest in something that lasts forever—a friendship tattoo. If you or your friend dislike the pain of tattoos, then look into lidocaine cream to save you both some trouble.

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Once you decide that you and your BFF definitely want friendship designs, how do you even begin the process? Friendship tattoos take myriad forms, but should all come from one particular place. This variety of tattoo design needs to represent something special to both of you. Of course, you can still go into a shop and pick out a piece of premade art that catches your eyes. Just keep in mind that this ink represents your friendship! Both of you need to work together to care for your health and bodies by picking and sharing the best tattoo lotion for one another.

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Friendship Tattoo Ideas

If you lack talent on the creative side, don’t stress. Take the time to hash out thoughts with your partner in crime. Do your homework and find an artist you can grill about the whole process—make them integral in your friendship ink experience. They may even have matching tattoo chairs or tattoo beds so that you can share the same session (if you’re fine with different artists). You may even find a friend who can design a personalized tattoo based on your interests and passions—yet another form of a friendship design!

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Quite often, friendship designs will take the form of inside jokes. “You and me’s like peas and carrots!” Or, perhaps, you want to commemorate a particularly awesome experience, like that time you won a free beverage together on your birthday because you guessed that the cap of the bottle possessed the ten of spades on its underside. Then there was that other time you were at Warped Tour with your BF and got into it with a self-righteous vegan—and the whole debacle resulted in obtaining bacon-caricature tattoos together (you and your BFF, not the vegan). If you want a jumping point for a friendship tattoo idea, personal experiences work best.

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Friendship Tattoo Design

Friendship tattoos can take the form of your pal’s initials. Or, they can even be a memorial to someone whom you and your friend both loved and lost too soon.

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There’s a major caveat to this discussion that should not be dismissed or overlooked: if, for any reason, you suspect that you’re not going to be friends with your comrade on the long-term, do not bother getting a friendship tattoo together. It’s said that getting couples’ tattoos can be the kiss-of-death for a relationship; the same might be warranted when discussing friendship designs. No one wants to think about relationships coming to an end, but the reality is that they sometimes do.

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Put some thought into the friendship tattoo process, talk to artists, and hash out ideas with your friend over brunch or cocktails. Choose a piece as priceless and inimitable as your bond with your bud—both friendships and tattoos can last forever, if properly cared for and handled. Devon Carnahan says of her friendship ink, “Tattoos never go away, they fade a little bit, they require a little bit of up keep here and there, just like a true friendship.”

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