Dragon Sleeve Tattoo and Other Amazing Full Sleeve Tattoos

Just like any other canvas, ink on your skin represents a permanent painting. It’s not often that you see a small painting framed and mounted on the wall of a museum, so it makes sense that large, full sleeve tattoos catch eyes better than small tattoos. Full sleeve tattoos reach from the shoulder down to the wrist. Along with that, they also have a design that circles around the arm and forms a complete image. Thanks to their 3D nature, capturing these designs in one picture proves difficult. Despite that, a gallery of images comes close to showing off the true beauty of full sleeves. In today’s gallery, we have all your full sleeve tattoo needs—from design ideas, to cost estimates, to a huge gallery of images for you to go through! Keep in mind that many people need lidocaine cream for the more painful areas of tattooing your arm.

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full sleeve tattoos 48 full sleeve tattoos 47 full sleeve tattoos 46

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Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Since full sleeve tattoo ideas have to think about the canvas in a three-dimensional way, picking a design for them can be hard. It’s best to stick with items, objects, and animals that are long or repetitive in nature, so that you can easily recognize their form. Your artist will sit you in a nice chair (preferably one of these tattoo chairs) so that they easily access your arm. Grab some tattoo lotion to ensure that this large tattoo heals up quickly.


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full sleeve tattoos 40 full sleeve tattoos 39 full sleeve tattoos 38 full sleeve tattoos 37 full sleeve tattoos 36 full sleeve tattoos 35 full sleeve tattoos 34 full sleeve tattoos 33 Dragon Sleeve Tattoo 32

Full sleeve tribal tattoos work so well because they can repeat and mesh together easily, even in complex designs. Full sleeve dragon tattoos also work well because they wrap around your whole arm, almost like a 3D tattoo! Because of the nature of full sleeve tattoos, finding full sleeve tattoo designs for men is a piece of cake. At any rate, if you have trouble finding one, read this feature dedicated just to mens designs.

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full sleeve tattoos 31 full sleeve tattoos 30 full sleeve tattoos 29 full sleeve tattoos 27 full sleeve tattoos 27 full sleeve tattoos 26 Dragon Sleeve Tattoo 25 full sleeve tattoos 24 full sleeve tattoos 23

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo and Full Sleeve Tattoos Cost

Strangely enough, tattoos of the same size will still have a varied cost across the board, thanks to their complexity. Not only is there regional inflation to worry about, but there’s also the amount of time your tattoo will take. A full sleeve tattoo could take over 15 hours, and most good tattoo artists will charge $100-$150 an hour…which means you’re looking at about $1500 minimum. Quite a lot, but the price makes sense! While it doesn’t mitigate the pain of your wallet, perhaps you want to prevent pain using numbing cream while your artist tattoos your armpits and inner elbow.


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full sleeve tattoos 22 full sleeve tattoos 21 full sleeve tattoos 20 full sleeve tattoos 19 full sleeve tattoos 18 full sleeve tattoos 17 full sleeve tattoos 16 full sleeve tattoos 15

If you can’t afford to drop a grand for your tattoo, you’re not alone. Many tattoo artists work with you to make the tattoo more affordable. They can break the tattoo into different stages (so, you would only get one part at a time, and pay for the equivalent of that tattoo), or they might allow you to make payments in increments, if you’re lucky. We have a whole article on finding a tattoo artist, if you want to know how to look one up in your area. In addition, for pricing information, check out check out How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

full sleeve tattoos 13 full sleeve tattoos 12 full sleeve tattoos 11 full sleeve tattoos 10 full sleeve tattoos 9 Dragon Sleeve Tattoo 8 full sleeve tattoos 7 full sleeve tattoos 6 full sleeve tattoos 5

Full Sleeve Tattoos, Dragon Sleeve Tattoos, and You

In the meantime, no matter what you end up getting—or how much it might cost—make sure that your full sleeve tattoos are exactly what you want them to be. The design should match you and your personality, and the meanings that I’ve listed behind them here are arbitrary if they have a greater significance to you. If you can wear your full sleeve tattoos with confidence, then you’ve chosen right.

full sleeve tattoos 4 Dragon Sleeve Tattoo 3 full sleeve tattoos 2 full sleeve tattoos 1full sleeve tattoos a60Dragon Sleeve Tattoo a50

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