Gdańsk Tattoo Convention 2019

Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent 2019 is a truly huge convention with over 450 tattoo artists, 12 tattoo contests, 5 amazing judges, 3 bands, 5 DJs, 6 exhibitions, 8 alternative shows, a bunch of workshops, and an expected turnout of at least 13,000 people. They even have aerial stunt performers and a fire show. It’s one of the biggest tattoo conventions in Europe—so big that it even has sections dedicated to motorcycles, art, food, fashion, and animation. Of course, with that many people, you can expect the biggest afterparty you can imagine.


Tattoo Konwent has more than numbers going for it. As the attendance numbers have blossomed, Tattoo Konwent kept up pace by adding performances, feature listings, and special zones that focus on specific aspects of alternative life. You can view an art gallery with amazing images by Michal Mozolewski, Kamila Burzymowska’s internationally acclaimed photography, art by Emil Ćwik, Aga Szuścik’s “2081” exhibition, and “Odrzeczy” by Jan Maciej Bojko. That’s an intense amount of art!


Artists might be excited to know that the 12 best-of tattoo category contests have three prizes each, which means around 36 people will be taking home prizes. Visitors can look forward to all the tattoo art, the famous Konwent selfie, and even a burger eating contest. Lots of mini stages are scattered throughout the Tattoo Konwent to provide entertainment. This ranges from a shibari (Japanese rope bondage) fashion show to live performances from street punk bands. If you just want to hang out with people, the convention has you covered. There’s a chill zone in Tattoo Konwent that has constant music playing. The Saturday night afterparty is a separate event, but just as fun.


The tickets are currently available in one day or two day admissions (two day is the obvious choice for people in the area). The convention takes place this weekend, starting on Saturday July 13th. If you’re interested in the inked world and want to meet other tattoo lovers, then you know where to go!

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