Gemini Tattoos

Gemini Tattoos

Unlike every other zodiac sign, Gemini tattoos depict two characters! We know call the brothers Castor and Pollux, and they show up in the sky in the form of a constellation and individual stars. Although twins, the two boys known as Gemini actually called two people ‘Dad.’ One was the King of Sparta, and the other was the incredibly promiscuous Jupiter. When they were born, only Pollux had the immortality of the gods.

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Known for his strength, Pollux rivaled the greatest heroes of the time. Castor also possessed talent—he wielded incredibly with horses and swords—so both brothers went on a search for the golden fleece. When Castor died, Pollux begged Zeus to kill him so that he could join his brother. Instead, Zeus placed him in the sky, with his brother, among the zodiac signs.

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Gemini Personality

Gemini are energetic, flexible, clever, and industrious. Consequently, they excel as ideas people, making their name known among writers, engineers, architects, and physicists. Their impulsiveness leads to trouble, so sticking to certain tasks or staying serious proves difficult. They make for excellent friends, and you can always depend on them to have some good advice at any time. Their flighty nature means that they have experienced all sorts of situations and are up-to-date on all of the gossip.

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Gemini Star Tattoos

The constellation of Gemini is one of the few that actually resembles what it is meant to depict. It has stick figures that depict the brothers, with a brightly colored star for each of their heads. They are often shown in star charts as having their hands across each others’ shoulders, confiding in one another. Because of this, getting a tattoo of the sign itself is still a recognizable way to show the constellation. Placing stars on the Gemini zodiac symbol is a good way to show that you are referring to the group of stars, Gemini, and not just the Roman numeral two!

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Gemini tattoos are perfect for siblings or friends born under the sign. Even if you aren’t a Gemini, the constellation still has the meaning of loyalty and attachment to someone else. It shows your bond with others and cements your friendship eternally, just as the constellation depicts the eternal companionship of two brothers. For more Zodiac Tattoos, check out our Zodiac Tattoos article.


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