Gold Tattoos | 20 Beautiful Gold Tattoos Not Only For Fashionistas

Gold designs are a weird blend of jewelry and tattoo art. They have a dazzling aura to them and are perfect for any formal occasion, just like jewelry. Their beautiful sheen is impossible to ignore, and this sets them apart from other tattoos. They make for excellent jewelry tattoos for women. In today’s gallery, we have a ton of gold tattoos for you to peruse, and we will also be talking about how to use them, where to get them, and permanent gold tattoos.

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Flash Tattoos

Gold tattoos are often called flash tattoos, due to their amazing luster. They are usually premade and delivered on top of a flat piece of paper, similar to temporary tattoos. You apply them just like temporary tattoos as well! The tattoo will stay on for four to six days, which is shorter than normal temporaries. This is more because the tattoo loses its shine than the tattoo flakes and falls off. Those few days of beauty are well worth it, though.

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Permanent Gold Tattoos

Is there gold tattoo ink? Are there real gold tattoos? The answer is yes and no. There are some forms of tattoo ink that do appear as a metallic gold, but unfortunately, they will not show up that way beneath your skin. The reason is that metallic colors are lit up by indirect light, and that light is filtered out by the upper layers of your skin. As far as current technology is concerned, gold tattoos can only be temporary.

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What Stores Carry Flash Tattoos?

Are you wondering where to find flash tattoos? Well, we have a huge list of stores for you to check out. Brick-and-mortar stores include Forever 21, Claire’s, Target, and Walmart. The larger stores tend to have a small stock of gold tattoos due to their popularity. If you want something with more variety, you could try Etsy, but it’s my opinion that Amazon is the best location for them. Amazon gold tattoos have a huge selection of the pretty tattoos, all for a very low price (check them out here).

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Are you interested in gold tattoos yet? They are beautiful accents and I think you’ll find that they are more socially acceptable than actual tattoos. You can wear them to work with no qualm—although if you work in the food industry, you should try to avoid getting glitter in the food. Just try one out and see if you like them. And who knows? You might find yourself addicted to these beautiful jewelry tattoos!



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