Good Tattoo Quotes

Good Tattoo Quotes

good tattoo quotes picture 5We all love tattoos with quotes. We’ll stop to read the whole sentence tattooed onto someone, even if it’s in a weird spot or longer than usual. We’re just curious creatures who have to know the whole thing, after all! Good tattoo quotes seem commonplace, but any time you think of one for yourself, you might find your mind blanking. ‘How do I pick one for me? How do I make it unique? Will this quote even look good?’ Thankfully, with the advent of the internet, finding these quotes is a little easier than usual. Whether you are a writer mining for quotes or an artist searching for new material, here are a few good tattoo quote finding methods, as well as instructions on how to turn them around and make them into amazing tattoos. Using a little bit of tattoo lotion during your aftercare keeps these letters looking nice and crisp for decades!

Selecting Good Tattoo Quotes

There are many quote sites that focus on searching through different quotes based on a theme. They are eternally resourceful to the writers, artists, and prospective tattoo recipients that use them so often. Selecting quotes that are actually good from these sites is the tricky bit, so that’s the part that I’ll go into detail about.

1) Religious

Without a doubt, the original purpose of tattoos was heavily intertwined with spirituality. While we realize that there’s no voodoo magic attached to the ink today, it’s still an amazing way to show your dedication to your spirituality. Biblical quotes and quotes from the Veda are commonplace. To be honest, there’s nothing more quotable than scriptures, either—they are designed to be catchy and spread by word of mouth, so they lend themselves well to one-liners. They also divide themselves well when it comes to topics.

If you want to find good tattoo quotes of the bible, simply look at the end of the book and you’ll find a list of categories. In example, it will list every single time that the concept of ‘love,’ ‘patience,’ or ‘wisdom’ is mentioned. This is an easy way to focus in on topics. Use lidocaine cream during your session to pull you through the pain and ensure your artist has a stable ‘surface’ to work on.

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2) Historical

Historical quotes abound in Facebook status updates, but many of those quotes are false. If you are going to look for a historical quote, make sure that there are many sources that mention the quote. If the page url has .edu or .gov instead of .com, then it is a credible source that you can trust. If the page title is something like, then it’s probably not something you could trust.

Making sure that a historical quote is true is probably the most important thing about getting a historical tattoo quote. You should also research who said the quote—it’s something of an internet prank to trick people into agreeing with Hitler by not attributing some of his ‘better’ quotes. Bad people are known to say good things, but that doesn’t mean you should immortalize those words on yourself. Thankfully, many of the words we’ve passed down from history have been good ones.

3) Entertainment & Idioms

Quotes from books, movies, and other types of entertainment media abound. Simply by Googling ‘quotes from _____,’ you can find perhaps a dozen quotable lines from any given movie. With books, you’ll find far more, but that’s mainly because books are made mainly of narration rather than dialogue. If you’re getting a quote from a book, movie, or video game, then I implore you to actually be a fan of the franchise.

‘War never changes,’ is an amazing quote, but do you know where it’s from? Well, if you don’t, you’re going to find yourself put into a ton of conversations about the Fallout franchise without warning. Knowing your source material is important when picking good quotes from entertainment media. For longer quotes, make sure to grab numbing cream ahead of time.

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Type of Tattoo Fonts

Now that you know the hardest part about finding a quote, it’s time to think about it as a piece of art rather than words constructed on a line. With tattoos, the delivery of a quote changes dramatically depending on the type of font face that you use for it. Here are the most popular ones that always get the message across. If you’re a tattoo artist, make sure to grab a good tattoo artist chair and tattoo bed so that you execute these words flawlessly.

1) Serif Fonts

This category includes age-old Times New Roman. Any letter that has spikes sticking out in weird places is called a Serif font. Anything missing these little spikes—called serifs, naturally—are called Sans-Serif fonts. Our site uses a Sans-Serif font, since they are streamlined and more legible on a screen. Serif fonts are a traditionally good way to get across information. They are considered the professional standard of print media and used by newspapers and magazines to appear top-notch. Many graphic designers prefer Sans-Serif fonts due to the legibility issue, but if you’re getting a tattoo, Serif fonts will do the better job more often than not.

2) Curly Fonts

This doesn’t mean cursive fonts, although that’s pretty common as well. Nor does it mean calligraphic fonts, which are oddly rare among tattoos. These curly fonts are just normal letters that are full of loops and swirls. They give a whimsical and positive spin on anything they touch. Want to get a quote about love or happiness? Add some spirals and loops to match the theme! These fonts tend to have a beautiful, dramatic effect, especially if the tattoo artist is experienced with them and can make larger decorations for the text.

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3) Dramatic Fonts

There are artists who don’t use a font face at all. Crazy, isn’t it? Letters and words are art at their core, and there are some artists who draw on that to ink unique designs on others. Each word can be a different style or color, but the whole piece ends up looking amazing. These sorts of tattoos are some of the most dramatic, but also the most pricey of good quote tattoos. The extra money is worth it if your artist can ensure that the tattoo looks spectacular, though.


Choosing a Tattoo Font

Ultimately, finding a good tattoo quote is up to you. Rather than scouring through different texts and websites, you should choose something that has significance to you. Something that has changed your life. If it hasn’t been lingering in your head for more than a year, then how can you know the impact it will have on your life? Of course, there are exceptions, but if you are having difficulty finding a good tattoo quote, don’t be afraid to pick one and then wait before getting it inked.

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