Halloween and Horror Tattoos

Halloween and Horror Tattoos

Despite a bunch of spooky grinches, the world celebrates Halloween at the end of each October. Unsurprisingly, people old and young choose to tattoo images of this universal holiday. The horror industry in the U.S. thrives with every passing year. Horror films and television shows rake in the funds and audience constantly, feeding their future!

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Imagery of Halloween and Horror Tattoos

When it comes to Halloween and horror tattoos, potential wearers have a vast heap of choices. From the natural realm, many folks favor winged creatures, like bats or owls, for their creepy inks. Many cultures bestow deep symbolism upon them and revere them as sacred. Indeed, their prevalence spills over into the craze that surrounds Halloween. Savannah Lee, body piercer and tattoo apprentice from the Surfbilly Tattoo Shop in Colorado says, “Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. You can always be your real self, or as far away from your real self as you’d like to be. I wanted to remind myself to always be whoever I want, and so I got some bats behind my ears.”

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People also pick the popular zombies for their tattoo. Zombies hit the U.S. mainstream with a force perhaps unlike any other. Zombies make for fun and bizarre tattoos, since artists frequently ink a famous person after death. They turn them into an almost unrecognizable member of the walking dead.

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Americans have always been attracted to the mystery and mayhem surrounding serial killers; this is another image that often shows up in tattoo form. The classic skull, devil, or demon can all be transformed into something truly evil and grim for a horror based tattoo art. Though the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is often confused with or aligned with Halloween, and is not one in the same, this holiday also provides much fodder for tattoos of the horror genre.

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Films and Television Shows

As mentioned earlier, the T.V. and film industry capitalized on the U.S.’s fascination with the darker side of life. Countless films and T.V. shows provide ideas for people in need of a horror or Halloween tattoo. Directors Stephen King and Wes Craven, among many others, created characters so horrific and unique that people can’t help but ask an artist to recreate the likenesses on their skin.

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Other horror and Halloween films that spawned tattoos include: Silence of the Lambs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pinhead, and Army of Darkness. Classic horror films like Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy remain liable suspects in the horror-based tattoo realm. Modern T.V. shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story only serve to increase American’s love of horror. Combined with our love for tattoos, you can find all of these on someone’s skin.

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The faint of heart and weak of stomach need not look into Halloween and horror tattoos. Some tattoos look gory—not everyone’s cup of tea. Regardless of whether or not you want one for your own collection, Halloween and horror tattoos clearly make powerful statements when inked correctly.

By Devon Fulford


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