Horse Tattoos

Horse Tattoos

Well known for its enchanting beauty and dutiful nature, the horse represents hundreds of generations of war, peace, farming, ranching, racing, and religion. Domesticated to be faithful companions, they still have distinctive personalities and can even throw tantrums when they don’t like something. Despite their relatively recent introduction to North America, the horse has become ingrained in the country’s history—and the history of every other country it galloped through. Today’s tattoo gallery features horses galore, from tattoo designs to spiritual meanings to their lucky accessories!





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Meaning of Horse Tattoos

Horses symbolize freedom, expression, and both mental and physical strength. Their steadfast nature associates them with hard work, but also with stubbornness. Despite the many colors of a horse’s coat, the color of a horse has nothing to do with its meaning. Simply put, horses reflect our spirits, and the color of our skin doesn’t change our spirit in the slightest. A horse feather tattoo changes its meaning depending on the feather. In example, a mane full of eagle feathers represents strength, leadership, and victory—so it might be a war horse tattoo or the horse of a great leader.





Horseshoe Tattoos

What does a horseshoe symbolize? Horseshoe tattoo designs for men and women represent luck and wards off evil. What way you point the horseshoe depends on your preference. A horseshoe that points up contains the luck inside of it, preventing it from escaping your home. On the other hand, pointing a horse shoe down pours good luck onto a home and everyone who walks near it. Double horseshoe tattoo designs double the luck, although they do have a different meaning to people who use dip.





Horse Wrist Tattoos

People see horse tattoos on wrists more often than horse tattoos on shoulder blades. The reason is simple—one part of your body happens to have clothing on it more often than the other! Small horse tattoos visible while riding or going about your daily life remind you each time you see it of what guides your spirit.




It doesn’t have to be on a symbolic level, either—maybe you just really like horses! Appaloosas are my personal favorite. Horse tattoos with quotes can squeeze onto your arm, but unless your artist writes the quote vertically, you might have better luck (and quality) on a larger part of your body, such as on your side, below the ribs.





Whether you are interested in horse racing tattoos, horseshoe tattoos, or the spiritual meaning of horse tattoos, horse tattoos have very personal meaning. Looking at a stranger, there’s no way for you to tell what their tattoo means—so if you truly want to know, you need to ask them. A story lies behind every tattoo, and when you get yours inked, surely your own story will come to you if it hasn’t already. Asking them lets you hear that story in its entirety, and the tattoo jumps from mere design to a spiritual icon. Like horses, we must learn to persevere and take pride in our own strength, and a little bit of ink goes a long way toward securing that duty.







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