How Much Do Small Tattoos Cost? A Cost Comparison of Tattoos

How Much Do Tattoos Cost on Average

If you want to find out how much tattoos cost, in particular how much do small tattoos cost, you have to do a fair share of investigation. Nowadays, there seems to be at least one tattoo parlor in each town. Most of them display a number of different images and designs for the consumer to choose from. Tattoos are a way for a person to create their identity, so there are more and more people getting them. As there are various styles and techniques available it is becoming increasingly difficult to put a price tag on a particular tattoo just by having a quick glance on it. That’s exactly the reason why this question can’t be answered without digging a bit deeper in what the tattoo should be. And even if all details of the tattoo are known, it still doesn’t answer how much it will cost.

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How Much Do Tattoos Cost? It Varies by Artist

The skill displayed by an artisan will greatly affect the cost of a tattoo. Most professional artists tend to charge for their services by the hour, which may benefit the consumer who is looking for quality work done. Basically, a good tattoo will cost more than a bad one. An artist quickly develops a reputation as to how good they can ink their customers. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, costs could range from $100 to over a few thousand dollars (in the US the average hourly rate is about $150). If the artist is well known or they have a waiting list, then the price of the tattoo could be higher. Another factor is the expertise of the artist.


If he or she creates the designs by themselves, they could easily charge more, in comparison with a situation where the customer already had their design picked out prior to visiting the parlor. There are other factors related to the artist that affect the price of the tattoo. If they spend more money on their equipment, proper licenses, and the size of the studio they perform they display and perform their work in. It is important to pick a tattoo artist that is professional and make sure they sterilize their needles.



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Geographic Location Plays a Role

The price of a tattoo depends on the location of the tattoo parlor. If the parlor is located in a small town, the price is bound to be far less than if it is located in a big city that is flourishing. This is likely due to the number of walk-ins that arrive during the course of the day. Within the town or city, though, prices should be very similar. However, due to competition, some may charge less to attract more customers. Prices may also vary from state to state.


For example, states with large populations, such as New York and California, tend to have higher price tags than others like Alabama, Maine, or Nebraska. The difference in price will likely be far greater than expected. It could be an extra few hundred dollars to get the same tattoo done in New York or California, in comparison to other states. Another factor that is sometimes involved is if a certain location is known as a popular place to go on vacation. It could lead to a consumer bragging about getting their ink done in Los Angeles, for example.

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How Much do Tattoo Cost by Size

How much do tattoos cost depends heavily on the size of the tattoo. Obviously, a smaller piece of work is going to cost less than a bigger one. A tattoo that is small in size will likely be priced at a flat rate. On the other hand, artists charge an hourly rate for a larger tattoo. Of course, this depends on each individual artist and whether they feel like it is an important factor.

The complexity of a tattoo also has a lot to do with how much it will cost. Simple designs, such as letters and numbers cost far less than a detailed image of a tiger or snake. Also, if the artist has to freehand the design, instead of copying from a book or image guide, the price may generally go up. In addition, if the tattoo takes more than one sitting to complete, it ends up costing more due to more hours in the chair.

Colors used in the design of a tattoo can factor into the final price. Tattoos done with black ink cost a lot less than one that has many colors. It all depends on your taste. If you want a basic design, but don’t want to spend too much, ask your artist to use black ink. On the other hand, if you need a glorious dragon or other complex image, then spend the extra money to get it done. I mean, you only live once!
So, why not get something that you are going to like and people will admire?

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A Final Word

It is the new trend in the world. Everyone wants to get a tattoo just to say they have one. Some people get multiple tattoos, and still others get practically their whole body covered in ink. At this point, it seems like there is no end in sight of this trend. So, if it has been on your mind lately, why not get a personal quote from an artist locally?



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