How to Give Yourself a Tattoo

I want to start off this article by saying that professional tattoo artists are called professional for a reason. They do this all the time, they know all the health hazards, they know all the common mistakes, they know how to fix mistakes, and above all, they know how to give a healthy person a tattoo and have them walk out still healthy and very satisfied. If you want to know how to give yourself a tattoo, there are a few good reasons to learn. Maybe you want to become a tattoo artist in the future. If so, your body is the best place to display your art. Maybe you want something small and simple, and don’t want to pay the cost of getting a tattoo professionally done. If so, go ahead and pay the cost. They will have all the right tools to get you your tattoo, and you won’t have to worry as much as it heals.

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Still Reading?

Well, I guess there’s no dissuading you. Giving yourself a tattoo is an interesting process and can be very personal. Showing off something that you yourself made gives you a burst of pride. That being said, there are two different ways to go about giving yourself a tattoo. The first and most common method involves just a needle and some ink. The second involves making your own tattoo gun—or purchasing it—so that you can have a professional-looking tattoo. If you want to go on to become a tattoo artist, tattoo machines are something you should familiarize yourself with. In both instances, you want to practice ahead of time. Using the skins of citrus fruits, such as oranges or lemons, can give you a good feel of what kind of pressure and ink you need.

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Your Health!

Of course, there are certain health standards that should be met when you tattoo yourself. Go ahead and shave the area you will be tattooing to ensure that the hair will not interfere in the tattooing process. After you have finished, go ahead and sterilize the area by soaking a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Do the same—with a different cotton ball—to whichever utensil you plan on using. Wait until the rubbing alcohol has evaporated before moving on. This keeps the alcohol from messing with your ink.

Material you need:

Cotton Ballalcohol
Organics Cotton BallsSwan Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%
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Your Design!

Next, go ahead and inspect your design. You’ll want to keep it simple and sweet. Heavy line work or large dark areas will be very difficult to tattoo on yourself and should only be attempted by a professional. Smaller tattoos and thin lines are more manageable. Go ahead and use a thin sharpie pen to lay out what design you want. The sharpie ink is not what will be going into your body—it’s more of a template. You can also use water-soluble inks, but be aware that you will have to disinfect again, and that may rub out your template before you can trace it.

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Your Ink!

You should have the ink you want to use ahead of time. Many crafts stores will sell Bombay ink, which is common for stick ‘n poke tattoos. You can also purchase a complete home tattoo kit which will come with an assortment of things for you to use, including inks aftercare products. This is highly recommended. Go ahead and pour your ink into a small container—sauce bowls and small cups both work well for this—and get yourself situated. You will want to eat, drink, and find any entertainment you need ahead of time, as this will take a long time. If you practiced ahead of time, you should know exactly how long this process takes. Be sure to account for a little extra time, as harming yourself instead of a test subject might cause you to hesitate a little longer than usual.


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Your Equipment!

The best way to sterilize a needle is by using a small candle. Go ahead and hold the needle over the flame, and the needle should heat up far past the point that bacteria can survive. Once again, sterilize your skin, then wipe off the alcohol with water and ensure that everything is dry using a freshly cleaned towel. Besides using a needle you can also use a self-made tattoo gun or a home tattoo kit.

tattoo kit 1tattoo kit 2
Complete Tattoo Kit Machine GunComplete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun
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GRINDER Complete Tattoo Kit6 Gun Tattoo Machine Kit
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It’s Time to Get Started!

Dip your needle in ink and start to trace the faded design that you tested before. The thinner your needle, the thinner your lines will be. If you are doing this by hand instead of using a machine, this will take a very long time. You can expect to be occupied for hours. Be sure to keep the punctures of the needle close together to ensure that the line is as solid as possible. Otherwise, it will look like some strange connect-the-dot tattoo when you’re done. If you puncture too deeply, you will start to bleed a little extra. While blood is to be expected, you should be able to feel if you’ve punctured too deep.

You might need to apply the lines more than once, depending on how thorough you were with your first attempt. Solid lines are very difficult to create on your own, so it’s normal to have to touch it up once you’re done. After you’re satisfied with your work, go ahead and throw out your ink and carefully dispose of your needle. The ink will likely stain the container if you don’t wash it out immediately.

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The Result!

There you have it! Your new tattoo is complete. Be very careful about caring for your tattoo afterwards. We have an article all about tattoo aftercare that you can reference. Your new tattoo is permanent and will not fade away over time. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will need to seek out a professional tattoo artist to talk about cover-up tattoos or removals. But, at the very least, you know how to give yourself a tattoo now. If you are satisfied with the result? Well, good job! You now have an amazing art piece to show the whole world for the rest of your life.

As always, if you need any kind of medical advice, be sure to seek out a doctor. If you want your tattoo to be done in a safe and professional environment, then you should seek out a tattoo shop. Tattoos are forever, so it’s worth saving up a little extra money to make sure that the tattoo is perfect. Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll enjoy all of our tattoo articles here at InkDoneRight!



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