How To Hide A Tattoo

How To Hide A Tattoo

In the event that you just want to temporarily cover your tattoo, and don’t want to invest in a large amount of materials, here are some techniques on how to hide a tattoo. From clothing, to makeup, to accessories, there are plenty of ways to cover a tattoo. First, assess your tattoo. Larger tattoos will be more difficult to cover, and tattoos in prominent places like the face or neck will be tricky to hide. Still, there’s a way for everything.

 The Face

If you tattoo is on your face, you can invest in some cover-up makeup. Guys can do this, too—the application is easy and it looks natural. Simply use some lipstick and concealer that matches the color of your skin—both of which you can easily purchase from a drug store or grocery store near you. None of the items are specialty, so it’s accessible. For more detail, you can check out our How to Cover a Tattoo article, which details the application process.

Brow, Neck And Behind The Ear

behind ear tattoosIf you need to hide a tattoo on your brow, behind the ear, or on your neck, you have several options available to you. The easiest way to go is a hat. This is a little unreliable, since a hat can easily be removed for fun by someone else, and thus easily reveal your secret. On top of that, if you’re not permitted to show a tattoo, chances are that a hat is also not appropriate. That’s where the scarf comes in. A scarf is easily fastened, can cover a large portion of the neck, is made in several different styles for different seasons, and looks very fashionable. You can wear it in many different ways, and some fashions, such as hijabs, can even be used to cover up the top of your head. While hijabs do have a heavily religious background, they are becoming more popular even among the secular crowd. If you pick a fancy design, you’re sure to get complements.

Arms And Legs

Covering up tattoos on the arms and legs is easy. Simply wear long sleeves or pants! If the weather’s a little hot for those, you can consider waterproof makeup, or opt for a longer skirt instead of pants. Leggings and arm sleeves also work, and if they’re the right color, even sheer cloth can cover up tattoos! The trick is to get a color that is both complementary and closer to the color of your skin. Find the ‘average’ color of your tattoo, then find its complementary on the chart below. Your color might be lighter or darker, just adjust the complementary color accordingly. Once you have that, combine it with the color of your skin. The result is that the mesh will make the tattoo look more gray and more similar to the color of your skin. If it happens to be a patterned design, your tattoo will become invisible. Of course, this has varied results, so be sure to check in the fitting room to see if it works before purchasing.




Belly, Collarbone And Back

Covering a tattoo on your belly, collarbone, and back simply requires a shirt. Make sure that it has a U-shaped neck, and not a collared neck or v-shaped neck, so that it fits snugly up to your neck. If you still have a tattoo peeking out around the neck area, consider using a scarf. If it is Summer and you want to go swimming, there are full-body swimsuit options for both men and women to consider. You can always go swimming with an older shirt, if that doesn’t work. If you just want to relax or go hiking, a thick shirt that hugs your neck isn’t the best attire. In this case—yes, I know, it’s crazy—I recommend a poncho. They can offer a lot of shade during your hike, cool you down considerably, and cover up a back tattoo that might be poking out around your upper neck and arm. Since you can wear a thin tank top underneath, you’ll feel cooler all-around. If you happen to run into inclement weather, you’re also prepared.

Feet And Ankles

how to hide a tattoo - feet tattooFor feet and ankles, leggings or socks will do. Since very few places—even in the business world—place a restriction on socks, you can even go all out and wear crazy ones. Avoid ankle socks and choose working socks, long socks, leggings, stockings, or crew cut socks. If you often find yourself in heels or sandals, socks are a tiny bit taboo, so just opt for the leggings. Use the same color guide that we supplied above, if you want to wear transparent leggings.


Final Thoughts

Of course, hiding a tattoo doesn’t need to happen with clothes. By being aware of your body, it’s easy to hide smaller tattoos. Simply turn the tattooed part of your body away from others, even those who already know about it. As time goes on, you will instinctively be able to hide it unless you are ready to show someone. People will always notice new things, so if you prevent them from seeing that new thing, they will have no reason for being suspicious and will not inspect those odd parts of your body—even if the tattoo is in plain sight, such as behind your ear, under a finger, or on your ankle. Once again, if you’re not interested in the clothes part, you can always use makeup to cover up.

Learning how to hide a tattoo is a hassle, but a skill that tattoo owners have to use every now and then. By learning how to hide a tattoo, you gain control over who can see that precious piece of art. It can become a matter of trust or privilege to those you hold dear. It can also prevent people from automatically and preemptively judging you when the first thing they see on you is a tattoo. No matter what you choose, remember that your tattoo is part of who you are, and that you are the one who controls who gets to see it. Whether your tattoo is hidden or showing, who you are on the inside will never change.



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