How to Remove a Tattoo

Everyone makes mistakes, and that applies to tattoos as well. Everyone likes to tote tattoos as a permanent fixture on your body, but the reality is that there are plenty of ways to remove them again. Whether your tattoo turned out worse than expected or you simply don’t think it matches your style, here are the most popular options for tattoo removal. We collected for you five ways how to remove a tattoo.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Surgery

This is the most popular removal method for a reason it works. Instead of focusing on the skin, like the rest of these methods do, it focuses on the ink itself. Different wavelengths of lasers target different colors of ink, scattering them and making them transparent or difficult to see. The result is that your skin is not permanently damaged, the ink never reappears, and you can go about your life as if you never received that tattoo. Laser surgery is trusted throughout the medical field from inner body procedures down to eye surgery so this is the safest method of tattoo removal. Even if it’s a little pricey.

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Removal Creams

Removal creams are relatively cheap and accessible, although they can strain the immune system and take a long time to work. Have you ever wondered why tattoos remain there, even though we’re constantly shedding skin? Shouldn’t it fade away after a year at most? The answer is pretty amazing your tattoo is actually alive. When you get your tattoo, organisms of your immune system called macrophages respond to the ink by ‘eating’ it turning them into a different color for as long as they live. This is normal, and also the same way your body deals with illnesses or infections. When you use a removal cream on your tattoo, the macrophages eat the chemicals released from the cream chemicals that allow it to return to its normal color. It’s a pretty amazing, natural way to remove a tattoo. Its only disadvantage is that it takes so long to work, and can be a little painful after application. A painless cream recently made the news, but it may be a while before we see it released to the general public.

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Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is just a fancy way of saying that a doctor is just going to cut the tattoo off. Obviously, this only works for small tattoos, since the wound will need to be sealed by surrounding skin. If you have a tattoo that is smaller than the size of your hand, then this might be your best option. Of course, there’s a high chance that a small scar will form where the tattoo used to be but with time and treatment, these can fade away. If you want to do anything larger than the size of your hand, a skin graft from another part of your body is required that’s a procedure that’s a little pricier and riskier than it needs to be. This method is best for small, quarter-sized tattoos.

Watch the below video ONLY if you really want to see how the tattoo is cut off. It shows the complete surgery and might not be suitable for everyones stomach!!





Cryosurgery is usually used to get rid of cancerous cells, warts, or cataracts but it can also be used on unwanted tattoos! Unless you have green and yellow pigments in your tattoo, this is an easy way to physically remove the tattoo. Professional tattoos tend to put ink deeper in the skin, so it is not recommended you use this method for those. The more you use it, the more likely you are to scar, and it can be a little painful but it’s an easy application that can fit into almost any lifestyle. Like surgical excision, this works best for smaller tattoos.


Abrasive Method (Salt or Sand, NO SAND PAPER)

Also called dermabrasion, the abrasive method is the cheapest and most accessible form of removal. You take either a salt or a sand mixture, mix it with water, and then scrub away at your tattoo. It can take a long time before the tattoo fades usually over a year but it has more benefits than just getting rid of your tattoo. Honey, aloe vera, lemon, and apricot are all natural ingredients that can be added to the concoction to promote skin health. Essentially, this method speeds up the natural healing process of the body. A lot of sites will recommend that you use sand paper on your skin please, don’t. Unless you soak your skin while scrubbing, there’s no way to get down to the inks without creating a serious injury to your skin.

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Talk to a doctor before making such an important decision. They can point you to the path that’s right for you, and give you advice on how to speed the process along. Above all, value your personal safe and health, and be aware of the consequences of your method of removal. The abrasive method can cause bleeding, the lemon method causes sensitive skin, and removal creams mainly fade large tattoos away, rather than erasing them these are all things to consider before you pick your method.

We collected a picture gallery for you showing some results of the Tattoo Removal Before and After.

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