Justin Timberlake Tattoos

justin timberlake tattoos

Justin Timberlake Tattoos Many of us started listening to Justin Timberlake back when he was a part of *NSync. I can’t say that boy bands really appealed to me—I was more of a Backstreet Boys person, anyways—but when Timberlake split off from the group, he rocked the world with his own unique style of music! …

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The Future of Dermal Tattoos

Dermal Tattoos

The Future of Dermal Tattoos Right now, dermal tattoos look beautiful, boost our self-confidence, express our individuality, and represent something precious to us. But what if we could take our tattoos a step further? What if we could use them to save lives, inform others, or keep us safe in any environment? A collaboration of …

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Tattoo Convention Brussels Belgium 2017

The International Brussels Tattoo Convention 10 -12 November 2017

The International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2017 Kamila Burzymowska once again collected some amazing photos of the International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2017 for us! This convention represents one of the largest in Europe and—despite its nearly nonexistent marketing team—artists from around the world know about it and flock to its stalls. This year marked record attendance, …

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Tattoo Convention Warsaw Poland 2017

Tattoo Convention Warsaw, Poland 2017 The start of October marked the entrance of Autumn with one of the world’s biggest tattoo conventions! The Warsaw Tattoo Convention took place in its titular city, attracting people to Poland from across the globe. Over 250 artists from around the globe attended to display, with many more artists arriving …

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Tattoo Convention Deauville France 2017

Deauville Tattoo Festival 2017

Tattoo Convention Deauville France 2017 Kamila Burzymowska, a wonderful Polish friend of ours, visited the 2017 Tattoo Convention located in Deauville, France. She brought home some amazing and awe-inspiring pictures for you to check out! From pictures of the wonderful crowd to wonderful artists and even to award-winning tattoos received at the event, these pictures …

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Custom Tattoo Design Interview

custom tattoo design interview

Custom Tattoo Design Interview Custom Tattoo Design artists work around the clock to draw the best tattoo designs for their clients. The wonderful website interface allows people to jump straight into the tattoo design process with experts in the field. All you need to do is send your tattoo idea, select your artist, and then …

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All Rihanna Tattoos And Their Meaning

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna dazzled the world when she entered the music scene under the guidance of long-time rapper, tribal tattoos. Her amazing and heartfelt songs reached people all over the world, despite her humble beginnings in Barbados. Her work stretched a whole spectrum of the life women experience around the world. My personal favorite is “Only Girl,” …

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