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Inspiration is more than just a good idea. It is a force of creation that can strike us at any moment. It can make seemingly ordinary people do extraordinary things, from painting a masterpiece to leaving their regular lives for a more dangerous volunteer position. One particular type of inspiration is called frisson—the shiver as an idea overwhelms you, for better or worse. Inspirational tattoos often carry this kind of inspiration, moving those who witness it. Whether it’s through words, quotes, or images—inspirational tattoos are some of the most powerful images in existence.


Inspirational Word Tattoos

Love. Dream. Destiny. Faith. Soul. Truth. Emotions are not physical, but we have found a way to encapsulate them in our language. We have created words for them. There are some people who argue that you cannot feel something until you know the word for it. For example, if you did not know about frisson before, do you recall ever feeling such an emotion? What about opia? Opia is the intense feeling you get when you look into someone’s eyes. Then there’s énouement. You feel énouement when you look at where you are today and wish you could tell your past self about it. While these are common feelings, could you have told someone about them before you learned these words? Words are powerful tools, and when we use them to capture feelings, they become emotional.



Inspirational word tattoos often combine emotions with imagery. For love, it can be written or combined with a heart symbol. For dreams, it can be put in a cloud of thought or surrounded by stars. Something profound can be said when combining imagery with words. The word freedom disintegrating into small birds and flying away gives an inspirational feeling of bliss. A half-filled ‘truth’ shows that the world has more than one face, all without saying more than a word. A particular font face can change the meaning of the words entirely. For more about different types of fonts, you can check out our article on tattoo scripts.


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Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. You can get it from watching the actions of others, discovering something new, or even through simple and quiet meditation. The world is amazing, and life doesn’t fail to inspire. To be honest, most quotes and sayings are inspirational by nature. If it wasn’t worth saying, it wouldn’t be passed on or remembered, would it? When picking an inspirational quote for your tattoo, it’s good to focus on what kinds of things inspire or interest you personally. Let’s say you’re incredibly interested in construction work. You could talk about building on failure, building your soul, tearing down obstacles, building too many walls and not enough bridges (thanks for that one, Isaac Newton)—there are hundreds of inspirational quotes related to the occupation!

You can also decide on an emotion that you believe encompasses you. Quotes about love, courage, heartbreak, wisdom, power—surely there is some kind of trait that you strive to exemplify. If you search for quotes and sayings in this way, then there’s no way you’ll fail to find something inspirational. In fact, you may end up with a surplus of inspirational quotes! If you find that you have too many inspirational quotes and sayings that click with you, go ahead and wait a few months before your tattoo. It’s quite possible that there is something even more perfect out there. It’s also quite possible that you will want to get more than one quote tattooed! Whatever your decision, you’ll know you made the right one.


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Inspirational Bible Verses

Bibles are practically built for finding quotes for tattoos. It is filled to the brim with inspirational verses, and many publishing companies even offer special indexes for browsing based on theme. The actual purpose of the index and glossaries are to help you in a time of crisis—if you are dealing with divorce, a new child, or even trouble with the law, you can look through their index for the correct theme and find the proper religious action. These are instructions that were built upon for thousands of years, and much of the advice has withstood the test of time.

When browsing inspirational bible verses for one that would make a fitting tattoo, think about your daily struggles. Do you have difficulty concentrating? Do you worry about others throughout your day? Or maybe you even wish you were stronger? Whatever you choose to tattoo will be seen primarily by you. Find something that inspires you in your day-to-day life. By focusing on something you struggle with, your tattoo will help you become stronger and focused. Bible verses are meant to inspire, to teach, and to train—and, through perseverance, your inspirational tattoo can make you into a better person with each passing day.


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Inspirational Tattoo Locations

If you are getting just a single word tattoo, then an inspirational wrist tattoo is probably for you. The wrist is a location that you see every day and a place that others can easily see it. A similar location is the back of your neck. You won’t be able to see your inspirational tattoo, but others will. If you are getting a longer quote, then your arm is a better place for the tattoo. If you want a more personal tattoo for your eyes only, then the ribcage is an excellent place for a tattoo. It can be a little painful getting a tattoo there, but it’s worth it. The large area allows for large inspirational quotes and sayings, and you’ll be able to read it before and after every shower, and then some.


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The pen is mightier than the sword, but a picture is worth a thousand words. An inspirational tattoo is a way of transforming words into a bigger picture. Tattoos are feelings incarnate, and the easiest way to share your emotions and inspirations with those around you.

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