International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2015

International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2015

By Romy Fernandes from RomyClick Photography

This convention and exhibition is being organized by Amsterdam Tattoo Convention BRME, and took place at The Amsterdam RAI, that is uniquely situated a mere 12 minutes from the city and offers a total exhibition area of 108,150 m² with a capacity up to 1,750 people.

From 29 May 2015, Friday to 31 May 2015, Sunday, tattoo artists from all over the world gathered for the 11th edition, which was a massive success.
The artists kept on working in stunning artwork on the skin during the whole Convention.
We could see a lot of great talent, from United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Japan,Italy which was one of the countries with more presence, and so many more…

Tattoo Parlour from Italy with some work in progress.

Over this lines, Liz Cook from Texas Dallas, has established herself as a leading tattoo artist through her amazing work. Her color application is inspiring with heavy saturation and dynamic color contrasts. Cook deftly mixes realism with rendered illustrative elements to bring deeper meaning to her imagery.

Ron Rijks, tattoo artist at Tattoo Centre Alkmaar.
In this location, Alkmaar, there is also an interesting Tattoo Convention, that it’s organized inside of a church, ‘Grote Kerk Alkmaar’. The historical setting of this late-Gothic church, you can get your work or self work on top of ancient gravestones and between huge stained-glass windows, which makes the Convention Alkmaar so special and attractive. Just in case that you’re interested, 28 and 29 November 2015.

Here, Samuel Sancho one of the Spanish tattoo artists, working on the tattoo which won the first place in the category ‘Best of Day’.

One of the best shows that we could enjoy during the Convention, the always glamorous Xarah Von Den Vielenregen with her elegant Burlesque performance.

De Snorrensalon, a genuine mobile barbershop where you could find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where men could have a traditional haircut or straight razor hot shave as well as beard trims.

Depending on your pain threshold, maybe you can handle two tattoos at the same time…
Two tattoo artists of Tattoo studio Cat from Germany, working at the same time.

Tadasuke of Death Candle Tattoo from Japan, working on this spectacular tattoo that covers the entire back.

Julietta Ustenco of Himmelsblut from Germany

Lovinkit Tattoo was founded in 2013. It’s located in the heart of Sham Shui Po, an area that is transforming from a working-class neighbourhood to an upcoming hip and creative area.

One of the more interesting thing that we could see, was to take a look to all these different ancient techniques of tattooing.

Over these lines, Su’a Lawrence Ah Ching of Le Segaula Tatau working with the Polynesian method tattoo.
This method requires two hands to administer so some helpers to stretch the skin being tattooed are needed. It can be excruciating and last for hours at a time. The needle combs vary in width from five points to fifty or so.
The traditional tattooing tools consist of a comb with needles carved from bone, conch shell or tortoise shell, fixed to a wooden handle, this looks much like a small rake. The needles are dipped into the pigment and then placed on the skin and the handle is tapped with a second wooden stick, causing the comb to puncture the skin and insert the pigment.
Traditional designs are cut from wooden blocks and printed with ink on to the skin before being hammered over to tattoo the skin below. The tattoo instruments are stored in a special box also carved with protective images such as dragons and serpents.

Over these lines, Audrey Nativos Da Terra from Mexico, a Tattoo artist uses hand poke technique without machines.
This technique is basically created one dot at a time, using just those series of dots to really create a overall image.

Laura Fenwick of Tradition 180 Custom Tattoo.
This Tattoo Studio is situated in the heart of Derby city center, the studio has been established by Award Winning custom artist Adam Starfish.

Taking a closer look… meanwhile the tattoo artist Dmitry Hirurg of Tattoo Art Studio Hirurg from Russia, is concentrated working on an art piece.

Fresh Up Tattoo Studio from Switzerland, working on some ideas before to cover the skin with some ink…

Authentic art pieces were exposed during the whole Convention.

I must to say that when I took this photo, the girl on the photo was suffering a lot, and someone near to me told me that this part of the body was one of the most painful…

Zoi Tattoo from Sweden.

Over these lines, Green Sky Tattoo.
No pain, no gain…

Inked Soul Tattoo from Italy.
It’s pretty amazing how some people didn’t feel any pain at all…

The most tattooed clogs (‘white’ clogs painted by tattoo artists)
Each tattoo artist was in possession of one of these clogs, and during the Convention they have to make a cool design over these clogs, at the end of the Convention they were exposed, with a must to say a really great and amazing result!

Finally, the amazing tattoo artist Hankey Jee of Sanctus Deus: syndicat du tatouage from The Hague, he also was a member of the jury.

That’s all folks!
Hope to see you at The 12th International Amsterdam tattoo convention.



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