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Jeffy Scott


Resting in the heart of Coral Springs, Florida are quite a few talented tattoo artists. The one we’ll be interviewing today is none other than Jeffy Scott, an artist who focuses mainly on his line work and bold colors. Born in Baltimore, MD 31 years ago, this artist finally found his home at No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery.


Interview Jeffy Scott 2


Looking Back

Jeffy Scott has only been tattooing for four years, but his hard work really shows through. When he spoke with us, he explained that his inspiration came from all different sources. He got into tattooing thanks to his brother. “I was originally turned on to tattoos by my older brother, when I was ten,” he explained. “From there my love of music and art has made tattoos a huge part of the culture and style that I am drawn towards.” His brother was into tattoos and getting them. He would take Jeffy with him to different stores where his friends worked so that they could hang out and watch while he was getting tattooed. The experience left an amazing positive impression on Jeffy, and he’s never looked back.

To start his career, he apprenticed under his mentor Chris Blinston. He then moved on to work at No Hard Feelings. Despite his past experience with tattoos, the road wasn’t easy. His family was hesitant to accept his alternative career choice. “They weren’t really sure of how it would pan out as a career, since it’s not a 9-to-5 job with a 401k and health benefits. But, over time, I have been able to show them that it is important to me and something that can be viable as long as you work hard and strive for perfection.”


His Style

As for his art style, he said, “My major inspiration was comic books and punk rock. I was always trying to emulate the comic artists I was looking at and reading when I was younger, and from there, I got into music. All the bands I liked had tattoos and I thought they were awesome.” Those bands include The Clash, The Boils, and Kill Your Idols. It’s easy to see where he gets part of his style from!


His favorite comic artists are Jim Lee, Romita Sr., and Mark Texeira. All of these artists have worked on big-name titles such as The Hulk, Batman, Superman, and Captain America. They all focus on heavy linework and solid colors, and the only time they blend colors is through the use of gradients. This carries over into Jeffy’s work, and he self-describes his style as, “leaning more towards bold lines and full color.” This neo-traditional style uses both lines and color to create a complete piece. Without the weight to the linework, the art would appear flat; Without the colors in the linework, the image would appear unfinished or unbalanced—this is common for comic-style artwork, Jeffy uses his skills to balance these negatives out and find a sweet spot where his work can shine.



Life at No Hard Feelings has treated him well. “My favorite part of being a tattoo artist is being able to help people love themselves and be the person that they envision themselves being. Making someone feel better about themselves is the most rewarding thing to me.” Like all tattoo artists, he has received some strange requests. Thankfully, his strangest one came from a friend: “She had me put drawings of her dogs’ heads on top of Peanuts cartoon characters. It was super fun, but definitely a bit off the wall.”

Even as he continues his work at No Hard Feelings, he strives to keep improving. “My mentor, Chris Blinston, and all the artists at No Hard Feelings influence me every day. I’m very lucky to work with so many talented artists, and they always keep me working hard to become a better artist every day.”

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