Jesus Tattoos

Jesus Tattoos

Cool Christian tattoos aren’t always angels, demons, crosses, or bible verses. Having the image of Christ inked directly to your skin is simply the best way to show your dedication and spirituality to others. It may not be as cutting-edge or artsy as other tattoo designs, but what it lacks in subtlety it gains in realism. Creating a real image of Christ to represent your real faith in God telegraphs your feelings to everyone around you. While angels and crosses can have many meanings, the image of Christ can only have one. Use tattoo ointment during your healing process to keep this meaning clear through the ages. In today’s tattoo gallery, let’s have a look at a bunch of Jesus tattoo pictures and see what works for you!

jesus tattoo 16

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jesus tattoo 19


jesus tattoo 3



Jesus Tattoo Designs

The best Christian tattoo ideas spark interest and curiosity for the religion. Jesus tattoo images easily grab attention and hold it, especially because of their straight-forward nature! Jesus name tattoos and Jesus fish tattoos tell the story in a more subtle way, while the image of Christ leaves a powerful impression. Small Jesus tattoos fit on your wrist, ankle, and neck (just use lidocaine cream if you choose a particularly painful place for your tattoo). Because you use your hands often in everything you do, a Jesus tattoo on your wrist is the most noticeable of these small tattoos. If you are an artist who wants to give your Christian clients a good experience, make sure you use high-quality specialized tattoo chairs and tattoo beds to seat them.

jesus tattoo 15

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Jesus Cross Tattoo

Faith tattoos don’t just show a figure—they also tell a story. Jesus died on the cross for your sins, so what better moment to memorialize on your skin than the single moment he saved you? There are several different ways to depict the moment of the crucifix, and it varies depending on what denomination of Christianity you belong to. Blood leaking from the hands of Christ or nails still in his hands and feet show a reverence of the sacrifice Christ made for you. On the other hand, a Christ with scars on his hands shows that you want to spread the good news of Christ’s resurrection. With a little bit of numbing cream, soon you, too, can show an image of redemption on your skin!

jesus tattoo 12

jesus tattoo 11

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Jesus Tattoo Revelation

Religious tattoos may not strike well with your church. Everyone claims a different view on whether tattoos represent a sin or not. You must seek your own decision, but I’ll help you with some verses to start your research. What does the bible say about tattoos? In Revelation 19:16, Jesus sports the writing ‘King of Kings, and Lord of Lords,’ written on his thigh. Since this is the book of Revelation we’re talking about, it might be a form of symbolism, or it could be a literal tattoo. We just don’t know. Given that Christ went to heaven and back by this point, I imagine the laws of heaven—which vary from the laws given to you in the Bible—allowed him to get a tattoo.

jesus tattoo 9

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jesus tattoo 7



Another possibility is that this type of tattoo is acceptable. After all, Leviticus 19:28 does not ban all tattoo practices, but only ritualistic ones. Whether a tattoo of Christ himself is ritualistic or idolatry remains up to you to decide. Personally, I find no issue with tattoos—they don’t hold any kind of magical power, and you can remove them easily with present technology if your beliefs change. Jesus tattoos represent your own beliefs and sit like a piece of art on your body. If that art helps you spread the good word, then more power to you…and to God!



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