Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Many of us started listening to Justin Timberlake back when he was a part of *NSync. I can’t say that boy bands really appealed to me—I was more of a Backstreet Boys person, anyways—but when Timberlake split off from the group, he rocked the world with his own unique style of music! His first individual album, Justified, released in November of 2002. Fast forward to now, and he has four platinum albums, dozens of collaborations with other artists, and just as many iconic singles. With a new album dropping on February 2nd, 2018, I thought the time was perfect to talk all about Justin Timberlake Tattoos! If you want to just see him for yourself, search for concerts in your area.



Justin Timberlake Alpha Dog Tattoos

Does Justin Timberlake have a tattoo on his neck? Does Justin Timberlake have tattoos at all? Of course, since you’re reading this, you know he does. But many of the pictures here show him with temporary tattoos from the filming of Alpha Dog. These fake tattoo transfers look amazing and realistic, but they only represent the character in the film. These tattoos include the Virgin Mary on his right arm, the year 1976 on his chest, and plenty of Chinese symbols. The designer, Christien Tinsley, accidentally used the kanji for ‘Ice Skating’ for one of the fake tattoo designs. Whoops! Now, let’s talk about his real tattoos!


Justin Timberlake’s Religious Tattoos

In Alpha Dog, Timeberlake’s character wore a large tattoo of the virgin Mary. Similarly, Timberlake wears two religious tattoos of his own! The first and most prominent is his cross tattoo on his left shoulder. As you can probably guess, it represents his faith in Jesus Christ and his dedication to Christianity. His second religious tattoo represents something else entirely! It pictures a cute little cherub with the inscription ‘Guardian Angel’ around it. It carries a banner with the initials LBA, which matches his mother’s initials.



This guardian angel represents Justin’s twin sister, who died before she could even be born. Even after death, the bond between them is strong. The design was slightly altered for the filming of Alpha Dog to make it more like something a gangster would wear, but it still took up most of his tattoo space!


Justin Timberlake’s Band Tattoos

On top of his religious tattoos, he has a few music-related tattoos. Two of them represent his time with *NSync. The first has red rope, representing his rise to fame, and it is surrounded by the flames that stood for the band at the time. The other *NSync tattoo matched the puppet theme of their No Strings Attached album. It shows a marionette held by flames. His last music tattoo is a simple Chinese kanji meaning ‘music.’


Justin Timberlake Tattoos of the Future

What lies in store for our favorite tattooed musician? Hopefully, something good! Timberlake plans on saving his very last tattoo for the name of his wife. This last bit of ink will tell the world that his body and soul belong to the person he loves! Hopefully she won’t hog all his music, though. If you’re interested in seeing Justin Timberlake’s tattoos in person, use this page to see if he has a concert near you! Because of his popularity, chances are that his tour reaches you—even in countries far from the States! When you go, be sure to snap a few pictures for me. You know, to look at his…tattoos. He could always have new ones!


As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to check out the tattoos of more music stars, along with all sorts of tattoo galleries, at the rest of InkDoneRight!


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