Kid Ink Tattoos

Kid Ink Tattoos


Born on April 1st, 1986, Kid Ink is a rapper that started off his career with his World Tour mixtape. He’s been interested in music since high school, but he didn’t start pursuing it as a career until he was 22. Now, at 29, he is world-renowned. He’s been nominated for the MTV Music Awards in the Best Push Act category, and he’s released four major albums to date. He’s also absolutely covered in tattoos.

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He got his first tattoo when he was 16. He convinced his mother that it was a family bonding thing—she had several tattoos, herself. His first few tattoos were all tributes to his two major family members: his mother and his grandfather. This humility shows through in his work. He goes out of his way to relate to his audience, making sure to rap about things that directly affect him, rather than made up stuff that less humble rappers like to focus on.

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He has used tattoos as a way to fight against animal cruelty. He participated in the ‘Ink, not mink,’ campaign that encouraged people to be comfortable in their own skin and get tattoos, rather than buy exotic furs and skins that didn’t belong to them. He also uses it as a tribute to things important to him. He let his girlfriend tattoo her initials in a heart on his arm. Rather than getting an artist to do it, he had her write the initials herself. She has a tattoo of his name on her skin as well. This all prompted him to write the song ‘Tattoo Of My Name.’



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Kid Ink’s tattoos all represent a part of him. His most noticeable color tattoos are his initials and a tiger on his neck. They represent who he is. He has a collar and tie permanently tattooed around his neck, with the ends of the tie burning. He hates corporate life and wants to say that out loud. His Frankenstein tattoo represents the variety in his music, which is made up of many different styles, genres, and influences.

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His tattoos are such a critical part of him that he’s always seeking to add more. The problem is, he only has so much skin to ink. He has avoided inking parts of his face, but it’s starting to look like that’s the only blank area left. On top of that, getting tattoos is very difficult for him. Even if he has a design and a spot all picked out, he has to make time somewhere in his schedule for the appointment and healing stages that happen afterwards. He can’t just go on stage while the tattoo is healing.

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Kid Ink keeps his body in top shape to make sure his skin and muscles stay healthy. The idea is that, as he ages, his tattoos will continue to look as good as they do today. This is something that anyone with or without a tattoo should do as well, since the healthier you are, the longer you have to enjoy life!

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