Lady Gaga Tattoos and their Beautiful Meanings

Lady Gaga Tattoos

We already know Lady Gaga rocks the scene wherever she goes. All things considered, her kind and considerate attitude, combined with her brave musical statements, make her an amazing diva. She never forgets where she comes from and stays true to her best friends, despite her rise to popularity! On top of that, she reaches out to people struggling in life and uses her music to lift them out of that darkness. Today, let’s talk all about Lady Gaga tattoos and their meanings. We explore the world of her celebrity tattoos and look at the secret side of her life!

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Lady Gaga Tattoos with Meaning

Before you slap on some Lady Gaga temporary tattoos, take a look at the deeper meaning behind each one. First, Lady Gaga tattoos go on the left side only. She made a promise to her father—who hates tattoos—to keep one side of her body clean of ink. Well, she made at least one exception, but hey! We all know she rebels in every part of her life.

Full List of Gaga Tattoo Meanings

Second, with those guidelines in mind, she inks at least one tattoo for each album she releases. Below, I go into the details of each and every tattoo’s meaning.

  • Anchor – In her own words, this represents the mark of ‘his mermaid.’ Notably, she never lets on to the identity of ‘him.’
  • Artpop – The tattoo for her Artpop album, and also how she revealed it to the public!
  • Born This Way – The album tattoo for Born this Way. Unicorns exist as magical creatures, but they don’t choose that path. They’re just born that way, just like everyone starts off with their own unique traits!
  • Cherub – She inked this tattoo for her live fragrance launch in front of all her fans. Accordingly, she shaved a triangle of her hair in order to make space for it.
  • Dad – Of course, this tattoo represents her dad. She loves him dearly, and the heart behind the name represents the heart issues he faces.
  • Daisies – Daisy tattoos represent hope, love, and chastity.
  • David Bowie – Heavily inspired by the work of David Bowie, Lady Gaga inked this as tribute to the late musician.
  • G Clef – Gaga’s first tattoo represents music. She inked it when she was seventeen using a fake ID! Naturally, her parents freaked out.
  • Haus – This celebrates the ten-year anniversary of Haus of Gaga.
  • Joanne – This album tattoo shows the date that her aunt, Joanne, passed away. It rests in the middle of her Rilke quote.
  • Little Monsters – The Little Monsters tattoo honors her fans, who she calls ‘little monsters!’
  • Mother Monster – To go with little monsters, Lady Gaga calls herself a ‘mother monster.’ This tattoo represents the bond between her and her fans.

Even More Lady Gaga Tattoos

  • Mouse – Centered along her elbow, this tattoo depicts her sister in the form of a mouse with a sewing needle. Natali designs fashions and helps Lady Gaga with her stage outfits frequently! Accordingly, Lady Gaga wants to honor her baby sis.
  • Paws Up – The third tattoo which honors her fans, the monster-like hand represents her fans with their ‘paws in the air’ during concerts. The artist modeled the hand after Lady Gaga’s own hand, of course.
  • Peace Sign – Shown on her left wrist, this symbol pays tribute to John Lennon. After all, John Lennon left a legacy in his wake.
  • Rilke’s Quote – In essence, this tattoo honors a German poet. It translates to ‘In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?’
  • R†O – Pulled from the handwriting of three different fans from different neighborhoods, backgrounds, and ages, this tattoo represents the small world of music. To summarize, music brings the world together!
  • Roses – These roses accompany her treble clef tattoo. Roses represent love, among other things!
  • Tokyo Love – The album tattoo for Tokyo Love. Appropriately, she put it close to her daisy tattoo.
  • Trumpet – This trumpet represents Tony Bennett.
  • Unity – In a word, this beautiful tattoo represents ‘unity.’ Lady Gaga inked this with several other fans in order to show her solidarity with rape survivors.

Lady Gaga Inspired Tattoos

The amazing Lady Gaga went on to inspire many more tattoos. She recently made an album for her best friend, Sonja Durham. Cancer fills Durham’s body, but her perseverance inspires Gaga. It’s no wonder that Lady Gaga acquired so many fans, with such a heart of gold! If you want to learn more about celebrity tattoos, check out the people section of InkDoneRight! We also write articles about tattoo meanings, tattoo history, and tattoo essentials. As always, thanks for reading!



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