LeBron James Tattoos

With over 40 tattoos, LeBron James makes a striking image on the basketball courts. On top of being visually striking, he has had an amazing career in the sport. Each and every one of his tattoos has a deeply personal meaning, despite the fact that there are so many! Here is some detailed info about the most famous of LeBron James tattoos.



When LeBron was still in high school, Sports Illustrated gave him the cover page of their magazine. Needless to say, the fame got to his head, and he got this CHOSEN 1 tattoo. However, just because it’s a prideful tattoo, that doesn’t make it undeserved. As we can see from his future track record, he really does seem to be a chosen one, so it’s not entirely inaccurate. Tying in with this, he later got a tattoo with the script ‘Gifted Child.’


Lion Head

His lion head tattoo went through several transformations before becoming what it is today. It started out as his first arm tattoo, and then it was updated during his first NBA season. With the update, he added some script: ‘King’ on the top, ‘James’ on the bottom.




After a very successful 2006 season, LeBron gained some humility and tattooed his right calf with the word ‘witness.’ While it also ties in with one of Nike’s campaigns, it was his way of showing that he was grateful for the life that he had the opportunity to witness. It’s a very different attitude than he had as a highschooler, but hey, everyone changes as they grow older!




What we do in life/ echoes in eternity.

He tattooed this famous quote from the Gladiator movie across both his arms, with each one holding half of the saying. He got it during a week where he was recovering from his injury. The movie was his favorite, and the saying rings true with his own ideals.



Akron/ Est 1984

He has several tattoos that are a tribute to his upbringing—specifically, his hometown. His right arm has a large ‘330,’ which is the area code of Akron. Later on, he inked ‘Est. 1984’ on his left shoulder, and ‘Akron’ on his right.

With all of these tattoos, LeBron James has been heralded as the tattoo model of the NBA. And it’s no wonder—nobody’s sure how many tattoos he has, but it’s likely over 40! What’s more, he has had several of these tattoos redone, removed, and fixed over the years. He does all of this during downtime between games, somehow managing to keep his tattoos clean and healthy! He truly knows how to maintain and respect his body. Want to see him live, get your next NBA ticket here!




Cover Picture by Keith Allison from Baltimore, USA – Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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