Leo Tattoos

Leo Tattoos

Above all, Leo the Lion terrorized ancient Nemea. Its fur and mane reflected arrows and weapons, and its claws pierced through any armor. As his first labor, Heracles decided to slay the lion the only way he could…with his bare hands. Leo symbolizes strength and the ultimate fire sign. Like most zodiac signs, Leo features an animal centerpiece, making it ideal for tattoos. Despite its unfortunate shape, we can also use the Leo astrological symbol to create some unique Leo Tattoos.

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Leo Tattoos Meaning

Between the dates of July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo dominates the zodiac’s calendar. First, Leos are born under the sun sign, giving them their characteristic warmth and compassion. At the same time, they represent only one of the four fire signs. Consequently, that means that their warmth can sometimes be overzealous and burn others.

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True to their regal nature, Leos seem arrogant and stubborn. However, they can also be humorous and creative, offsetting their intolerability. Thanks to their position in the Zodiac, Leos are the ultimate leaders. In any case, Leos can complete any task or command any team.

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Leo Tattoos for Men

The fierce portrait of a lion makes for an excellent tattoo for men, even if they’re not a Leo! Granted, the big cat is one of the most ferocious features on the planet. Especially because of its meaning, the way you wear your Leo tattoo determines how you appear to others. As long as you recognize its power and regal nature, rather than associating yourself with it, you will give off the impression of humility and wisdom.

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Leo Tattoos for Women

Lastly, if you’re not interested in the fierce appearance of the Leo tattoo, you can always use Leo’s zodiac sign. The sign looks like a ball of yarn with a loose string attached—natural, for a cat. With a little creativity, it can be illustrated with flowers and crowns to emphasize the warmth or strength of the sign. Finally, the symbol can also be incorporated with a heart symbol to make Leo heart tattoos.

Ultimately, Leo tattoos show off your strength and courage. Whether you love your sign, or simply love the constellation, give Leo tattoos a try! In the end, it’s all up to you, along with your preferences. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out the others at InkDoneRight.com! For more Zodiac Tattoos, check out our Zodiac Tattoos article.




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