Libra Tattoos

Libra Tattoos

Libra lasts from September 24 – October 23 and heralds the start of fall. First, we associate it with the balance of the seasons. After that, we know it for weighing the integrity of the law against civilians. Accordingly, the scales are held by the goddess Astraea, better known as Justice. You can also glimpse the beginnings to the tales of Justice and her scale in the myth of Anubis. Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead against a feather to choose whether they will ascend or descend in the afterlife. In today’s article, we’re getting a glimpse of the most beautiful Libra tattoos, and we’ll go over different designs that you can pick from.

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Libra Sign Tattoos

Libra personalities are known for their idealistic attitude, hospitable personality, and unwavering devotion to truth and fairness. They also tend to be a bit vain and adamant. The Libra sign actually has a surprising origin—it may actually depict the claws of Scorpio! The constellation of Libra was once considered to be Scorpio’s claws, but after some astronomical and Egyptian ideas permeated the Roman culture, it became associated with Justice. The top line still resembles a scorpions pincer, but if you squint, you might be able to imagine that the two serifs at the bottom are scales.

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Libra Tattoos for Females

Libra is a naturally feminine zodiac sign, since the scales are being held by a woman. The most beautiful Libra tattoos rely on accents to get their point across. Flowers and vines can easily blend with the theme and give the tattoo a feminine look, especially since olive branches are considered to be a sign of peace and resolution.

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Libra Tattoos for Men

When creating a masculine design for Libra tattoos, you can choose to focus on more realistic or abstract renditions of the scales, rather than an illustrative design. Everyone struggles to walk a path that they believe is right, so illustrating two opposite things that you care for in your life is a good way to customize your design. Or you could go tribal!

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Libras are crucial overseers of the day-to-day life of the world. Without them, things would be much crazier. It’s arguable that we could get anything done as a society at all. If you want to show pride in your origins and your strive for equality, then a Libra tattoo is right for you.

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