Life Is What Happens When You Are Making Other Plans

Life Is What Happens When You Are Making Other Plans


(by Allen Saunders later adapted by Jon Lennon for the song Beautiful Boy)

We couldn’t agree more with the saying! About two and half months ago we started this venture. In our first private talk post, we told you why we are here, and in the second one we took a look back at our very first month. We planned to write at least monthly a private talk article. Well, plans don’t always work out, right? Reality hit us, but not in a bad way! In a good one! We–or I in this particular case–will not complain about time constrains. We really love this site and the vibrant community. Nevertheless–and you might not even believe that–we took off a complete weekend in April. Yes, two days without working. And that was a brilliant decision! We made quite some plans what we want to achieve in April. Some we did achieve, some we didn’t.



In our last private talk post we mentioned a few words about upcoming collaborations. In our newsletter, we already introduced the guys from Big Brain 2 No Hard Feelings Tattoo Studio. They describe themselves as walking tattoo encyclopedias! So we decided to work together in the future. They have already written a guide about how to choose the right tattoo artist for you. If you’re thinking about getting inked, this will be an invaluable insight for you delivered first hand by tattoo veterans with years of experience. But that wasn’t the only collaboration we were going for in the past weeks. Romy Fernandez, a freelancer photographer from the Netherlands, has written an insightful story about this year’s Maastricht Tattoo Convention for us. Her pictures are absolutely stunning and she captured the vibe of the tattoo con in a brilliant way. We actually met her after she already took her pictures, and after seeing her style, we thought it fit our site in such a perfect way! She promised to do another story about the 11th annual tattoo convention in Amsterdam at the end of May 2015. We are really looking forward to her upcoming story.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 by Romy Fernandez
Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 by Romy Fernandez


Weekly Guest Post Slot

The positive feedback we received from you guys in return to those guest blogs made us think again. This type of collaboration really brings and additional style diversification to our site. Given the amount of traffic, readers, and feedback all of you gave us, we really liked that. From now on, we will open up and offer a weekly guest post slot. If you are a tattoo artist, model, photographer or in any other way connected to this industry, you are more than welcome to drop us a message via our contact form. Let us know, about what you would like to write about. But please bear in mind that this offer is not a shameless self promotional offer. We are looking for people who are really passionate about this topic. We are looking forward to get this started.


New Category

In our last private talk, we mentioned the introduction of a new category. We did want to introduce that one in April, but–as you see–we didn’t managed to do so. The plan was–remember the saying at the start of this article?–to do “interviews” with tattoo artists. Well, that plan still remains, but we have given the topic a bit more thought. Why restrict it to artists? Why restrict it to interviews? While we have the first interviews in production and planning, we already decided to enlarge this new category. What is it we want to achieve with this category? We want to tell you stories about the people in this industry. And the industry is so much bigger than only the artists. Again, we have models, magazines, photographer and also tons of other type of businesses connected to all of that. We haven’t decided what to call this new category yet. We aren’t rushing this topic out, as it’s not about getting interviews, but telling about the people and their stories. If you have a good idea how to name that category, drop us a comment or a message! The same goes for if you are from this industry (artist, model, photographer etc.) and you would like to get featured in this new category. Drop us a line via our contact form!


Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram

Last week we crossed the 500,000 fans benchmark on Facebook! We didn’t expect that to happen within the first three month of this venture! Not at all. We had a blast seeing the fans count crossing the 500k mark. Some of our posts (in particular our article about Under Boob Tattoos – we wonder why…) went pretty viral on Facebook last weekend and we are already hitting on the 550k mark. We hoped to reach the one million fans mark on Facebook within our first year. Having hit on the 500k mark within the first three month is just amazing. We really want to thank all of our fans here! You are more than awesome!

Ink Done Right has also moved to other social medias within the last weeks. At the start of March, we opened Ink Done Right’s Youtube Channel. We published about ten videos and gained more than four thousand views on them. Not exactly a viral hit, but we are more than happy with it. Check out the channel and subscribe/comment if you like it! We also restructured our Pinterest presence. We have now an individual picture board per article we publish. So, you can check out all of the pictures we have on our site on Pinterest and more! About a week ago IdR also moved to Instagram. We believe having about 900 followers on IG within about a week is a pretty positive reaction! We hope you like our additional media presences and you are more than welcome to follow us!

By the way, did we mention that we are close to hitting the 20k mark on Twitter?

500k FB Fans & 20k Twitter Followers

May And Beyond

Here’s what to expect from us in the upcoming month. First of all, another private talk by June! Moving into the tattoo artist directory is one of the next big tasks we will approach. But this is still at the level of a basic idea. Developing an interactive map concept makes it much easier for you guests to navigate, so that’s our long term goal! It might just start as a “list” in a separate part of the page. The conceptual idea behind this is not new. It should help you locate individual tattoo studios, as this is one of the most often asked questions we get. But, as we believe this should be a community service, it should be free for tattoo artists and potential customers. Any ideas or support? Drop (yes we know we are repeating ourselves here!) us a line through the contact page!

Our main priority is to get the new character-centric category up and running. And second, to sort through the guest post requests and grant the best ideas and intentions a platform to speak!


The End For Now

So, we close how we started: “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.” We plan on things to happen, but we don’t know what will happen. We hope you–our readers and fans–stay as engaged as you are!

As always, thank you for your time!



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