Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo

With celebrities like Miley Cyrus getting in on the lip tattoo action, you might find yourself wondering about how they work. Do they hurt a lot? Do they wash away in your mouth? Can you get them in color? How do you even show them off when they are tucked away under your lip? Well, we have all the answers in today’s lip design gallery. Whether you are interested in getting one or just interested in learning about their technique, this lip design gallery is sure to make you smile!


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Getting a Lip Tattoo Info

The first thing you should know about getting a lip design is that not every artist will do lip designs. Many artists think lip tattoo designs are in bad taste and hate it when their more irresponsible guests return after a month to complain about the state of their tattoo. Sometimes, artists will try to talk you out of getting them for this reason. Unless you are going to a lip tattoo specialist, call ahead to make sure they do dish out lip designs. Also make sure that the artist you choose has many years of experience. Getting the proper inks and technique for your lip design is crucial if you want to keep it. Since touch ups are common, you can expect the price of your initial visit to be high and touch ups to be low.

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Before getting a lip tattoo, you have to take special precautions (unlike regular tattoo aftercare). Your mouth is a host of bacteria that makes infections almost inevitable. Much of the bacteria is friendly and simply munches on food to help you digest it—but there are many kinds that will munch on you if you cut your mouth or lip. You can prevent infection by using mouthwash and brushing your teeth twice each day. This will keep the number of bacteria in check while your tattoo is healing, and from there your natural immune system will take care of it.

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Lip Tattoo Pain

Lips are very sensitive, so getting a tattoo there will hurt a lot. It varies depending on the amount of nerves in the area for different people, so some people feel like a knife cut their lip on the inside, while others just feel an annoying buzzing sensation. Some tattoo artists offer anesthetic for this reason, and using it can help them get the procedure done faster and prevent you from feeling pain if you are in one of the more sensitive group. Either way, the lip has to be stretched taut, which will be very uncomfortable no matter what your pain tolerance is.

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Lip Tattoo Care

Once you have received your tattoo, take very good care of it! Even lip tattoos done in black ink will fade exceptionally quickly. The friendly bacteria in your mouth may not munch on you, but they will munch on the ink pigment for as long as it is exposed. Any time your mouth becomes dry, the ink will start to fade as it is reabsorbed by the body. Sucking on it or messing with it using your tongue are also terrible ways to encourage your tattoo to fade.

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Take preventative measures and continue brushing your teeth and washing your mouth at a responsible rate. Always use a mouthwash that is alcohol-free, or you risk fading your tattoo even more! Just like a lip piercing, don’t touch it with your tongue or feel the new texture or the ink will start to seep out and blur. Avoid kissing for the first six weeks of getting your new tattoo, since dealing with two mouthfuls of bacteria may be too much for your immune system. Don’t eat overly basic or acidic foods. Soups are a good option for a recuperating mouth, anyways.

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Long-term Tattoo Health

Lastly, come to terms with the usual life expectancy of tattoos. Overactive mouth bacteria and picking at the tattoo can cause it to fade or distort as soon as one month after the tattoo! Color tattoos fade even more quickly. Avoid eating fat-heavy foods to keep their activity down, if you can help it. Well-cared for tattoos can last a whopping five years, but you are more likely to receive a three-year tattoo. Yearly touch ups are cheap and keep lip tattoos looking nice.

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Some artists opt to use pigment instead of ink in many places. It lasts just as long, but isn’t as toxic as normal tattoo ink. It is also easier to remove. In fact, all lip designs are easy to remove! Given their small size and their fleeting existence, it is cheap and simple to remove them with laser removal.

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Inner Lip Design Ideas

Getting a message tattooed upside down on your inner lip is a great way to send a message quickly. If you’re okay with holding your lip out in some sort of monster expression, then you can flip your lip at any time to display words like ‘suck it,’ ‘don’t panic,’ and more. Small images make for cute surprises, too!

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Lip Color Tattoo

Getting your lips colored is an excellent way to define the shape of your lips and make them pop with color. The artist outlines your lips, keeping the inside your natural color so that it blends in seamlessly with your inner lip color. After getting an outer lip design, your lips will swell up magnificently into a duck face, and then recede back to normal size after ten days. These tattoos are not meant for adding volume or changing your lip shape, but for accenting its color and form. Lip tattoo Monomola is a popular brand of color for this type of tattoo. Like inner mouth  tattoos, these will require yearly touch ups.

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So, do you like the concept of lip tattoos? Do you think flashing a message quickly with your lips would be a good way to get your message across? Would it be convenient for you to have permanent makeup done, as long as you could change it every few years? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know what you must do. For everyone else, be sure to check out the rest of InkDoneRight for tons of tattoo galleries! As always, thanks for reading!



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