Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015

By Romy Fernandes from RomyClick Photography

The last weekend of March, it took place ‘The Second international Edition of the Maastricht Tattoo Convention‘ at the MECC in Maastricht.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-009Gianni from the ‘Gianni Tatto Studio’, situated in Germany, making a black and grey design.

Although it’s a ‘young’ convention, this is just the second edition, we could see more than 60 great tattoo talents. They were not only from The Netherlands, but also from other European countries like Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, etc.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-006

Visitors could of course be tattooed, or simply admire the art of tattooing.

Also we could enjoy the art of Steampunk, Burlesque Performances, or even have an old school shave or a retro haircut. The atmosphere was great, with a lot of good vibes.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-003Here, the guys from ‘De Snorrensalon’, a genuine mobile barbershop where you can have a traditional haircut or straight razor hot shave as well as beard trims.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 featured imagesOver these lines, creativity, innovation and recycled scrap are the key ingredients forming the art of ‘Steampunk Art’.

It was really great to see a lot of great female artists, it’s really awesome to see that a lot of female artists become stronger and stronger each time in the Tattoos world.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-001Mayke Cuijvers, from Lady Luck Tattoo Piercing shop situated in the Dutch city of Weert, making a piece of art.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-007Anuk, from On Point Tattoo Studio situated in Switzerland.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-011Helma Van Der Weide, from Tatto Helma situated in the Dutch city of Brunssum, making a so realistic tattoo of another great artist Frida Kahlo. It took around 4 hours.

Unfortunately, we discover that even now, a lot of people are still discriminated by their tattoos. ‘Tattooisme’, that was also on this convention, try to explain how the culture of tattoo has existed for thousands of years and has a lot of meanings and so much importance that you can’t even imagine. So never trust in ‘first impressions’.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-005Amazing piece situated on the chest. According to the Tattoo artist from Didson Script in Geleen the Netherlands, this piece is not finished yet and it was really difficult. Sure that the final result will worth it!

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-012Frankie Deny, from The Netherlands, making a cool tattoo.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-002Hankey Jee, from Sanctus Deus: syndicat du tatouage in The Hague, working on the tattoo which won the first place in the category ‘Black and Grey’ and the second in ‘Best of Day’.

Also on this convention: ‘The Tattoo Preservation Service’, which according to a rigorous scientific method preserves tattooed skin after death. This way your tattoo turns into a work of art that remains forever. This Foundation is active since June 2014. Peter van der Helm & Judith van Bezu work hard to make this foundation a success. It was created because of the significance of preserving history, as well for the donors as for the next generation.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-014Over these lines, The Tattoo Preservation Service by Walls and Skin in Amsterdam, the only tattoo shop in the world where you can preserve your tattoo after death.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-008Here Jermaine Martis, a.k.a Seiji, a Illustrator, tattoo artist and painter from the Seiji-Ink Custom Tattoo, based in Amsterdam.

Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2015 romyclickdotcom-013Luke Sayer, a young but so talented English tattoo artist from the Samsara Custom Tattoo in Kendal, United Kingdom.

Finally, this second edition of the Maastricht Tattoo Convention was a success with hundreds of visitors.

You’ll find all upcoming Tattoo Conventions at World Tattoo Events!

But now is the turn of Amsterdam with its 11th edition.

See you there!



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