Mandala Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Tattoos are both a form of art and a spiritual statement. By wearing a tattoo, you show an intimate part of yourself. Whether it’s a personal attribute, something significant to you, or something that represents your aesthetic doesn’t matter. Your tattoo shows the world a statement signed by you, and one important enough to wear every day for the rest of your life. For some people, a simple symbol or image gets the job done. Others need a more spiritual approach to their tattoo. A mandala tattoo offers both a spiritual and functional purpose, alongside the statement that any tattoo can make. Today, let’s talk about how mandala designs help center you in life and connect you to your soul!


Mandala Tattoo Meaning

So, what is a mandala? Facts about mandalas change depending on what religion you’re looking at. Mandalas are used in both Buddhist and Hindu religions. They come in m any types of mandalas, but they serve a specific purpose. Their symmetrical and hypnotic design draws your eyes to the center of the mandala.


By drawing your own mandala, you can focus on things of a spiritual mandala. By gazing upon it, you can focus your mind on one topic and focus on strengthening your inner self. Whether you follow a religion or not, this art principle does help you look at one part of the image. You simply need to train your mind to follow and focus when you see the center of a mandala.


Mandala Tattoos for Men and Women

The purpose of mandala tattoo designs works the same for whoever wears one. You use it during your personal meditations. By getting a mandala design, you have a portable image to draw your focus and attune your inner thoughts. In a world filled with chaos, your mandala tattoo serves as an anchor in the storm. Some Buddhist monks make intricate mandalas out of sand, then erase them as soon as it’s completed. The meaning behind it is that all things are temporary and ephemeral. Part of your soul is freed with the disappearance of the mandala.

Artist from LTW Tattoo Studio
Artist: Justeun


Your tattoo is the opposite of that, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Rather than focus on the fleeting nature of life and desire, you focus on the foundations of a virtuous life. Foundations are meant to be stable, grounded, and permanent—just like your tattoo.

Source: @LazerLiz on Instagram


Mandala Tattoo Placement

I’ve seen many people ask about the best location for a mandala design. The answer is obvious: your back or chest! These two places have enough space for an intricate mandala. Mandala tattoos on your shoulder or on a sleeve are a bit too small for that detail. When you have to stick to a small design, then you should also think about its function! Choosing a mandala design for your wrist or forearm gives you a design that’s easy to look at. Using it during meditation is as simple as glancing at your arm. Whatever placement you choose is the right one, but I recommend these places more than any others thanks to their functionality.


Artist from The Black Hat Dublin


How to Find The Best Mandala Tattoo

In the end, the purpose your mandala design serves is up to you. You can choose to go with the traditional square design or shake it up with Mayan, Aztec, or Christian influences. All of them serve as excellent designs, and each one is unique to the person who wears it. A custom mandala is as simple as adding a little bit of personal flair to the sides. They’re easy to design and easy for your artist to deliver.


A mandala design perfectly represents how tattoos can carry a spiritual purpose, a statement from its wearer, and a function all at the same time. I hope this mandala tattoo gallery helped you find everything you needed! At the very least, you know how to use mandalas now. Shake up your routine and see how effective mandalas are for you!

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