Explore the Symbolism of Tattoos with Over 20 Meaningful Tattoos

Explore the Symbolism of Tattoos with Over 20 Meaningful Tattoos

‘Meaningful’ remains a subjective word for many of us. Coupled with the word ‘tattoo,’ this new phrase delights those who love the prospect of art in ink. Meaningful tattoos come in highly assorted forms, making them the most unique type of tattoo that exists.

meaningful tattoos Todd
Todd Morgan

meaningful tattoos Steph meaningful tattoos Shannon meaningful tattoos Sarah

meaningful tattoos Quinn
Quinn Nelson’s Yin Yang

Why Get a Meaningful Tattoo?

Many people passionate about ink argue that if a tattoo does not hold deep meaning, no purpose lingers behind it at all. For example, someone who got a triangle tattoo because it looked cool may not think about the meaning behind it. While a contended opinion, largely, people opt to ink tattoos that are meaningful to them in some regard. Furthermore, tattoos always gain meaning throughout life, making a meaningless tattoo quite rare. Eventually, someone who inked a tattoo because it looked cool will give it some kind of meaning.

meaningful tattoos Passion meaningful tattoos Nikki2 meaningful tattoos Nikki meaningful tattoos Melanie2

Despite all that, reasoning behind tattoos runs the spectrum. Overwhelmingly, people ink tattoos to memorialize someone close to them who passed on—or who deeply inspired them. In example, Adam Popovich’s tattoo of a heart with initials in a banner commemorate his mother. Death took her from the mortal realm much too soon. Megan Manweiler opted to pay tribute to her father in an image and a quote that represents their family’s German heritage and her father’s personal upbringing.

meaningful tattoos Melanie

meaningful tattoos Megan
Megan Manweiler

meaningful tattoos Mariah

Meaningful Tattoos for Parents

Along with that, people love to ink tattoos that represent their children as well. Both portraits and symbolism that represents a child demonstrate via ink that you love them. What a fabulous way to show off your pride as a parent, whether you sired them or adopted them!

meaningful tattoos Jessi2meaningful tattoos Mantrameaningful tattoos Job

Life’s awash with hardships. With this in mind, people get meaningful tattoos based on personal experiences. Maybe, they struggled with drugs or addiction and managed to overcome it. Quinn Nelson’s first tattoo was of a yin yang symbol. He gives it a hopeful meaning. “All the darkness and pain that I went through meant that I would experience that much love and happiness, in equal measure in this life.” In sum, his meaningful tattoo represents the promise of a bright future.

Todd Morgan inked his religious peace after five years of sobriety, in short, to celebrate. It serves as a reminder of a higher power. In his words, “My Higher Power is always with me.” Still other people get their first tattoos when they leave their parents’ home. They perform an act of defiance, or encounter and manage to weather their way through other challenging, but meaningful, experiences.

meaningful tattoos Emily2meaningful tattoos Faith

Passion and Hobby-Based Meaningful Tattoos

Beyond the people who inhabit daily our lives, we busy ourselves with hobbies and ideas that give us passion. Incidentally, music plays a large role in most lives, and music-related tattoos run rampant (much to our delight!). Indeed, other passions—writing, sewing, drawing—all make for interesting and meaningful tattoos. Therefore, when stretching your mind for meaningful ideas, think about your favorite hobbies!

meaningful tattoos Deathmeaningful tattoos Emily2_1meaningful tattoos Emily BF

Many choose get a meaningful tattoo based on an actual experience—a job, a vacation, a first love—that impressed them for life, even if that experience was fleeting. In the first place, there’s no limit to what constitutes a meaningful experience or encounter. That said, meaningful tattoos are inherently quite varied and distinctive in their nature.

meaningful tattoos Cass3meaningful tattoos Cass5meaningful tattoos Cass4

Imagery for Meaningful Tattoos

Quotes by others—or short personal mantras of the wearer—make for popular meaningful tattoos. Because words can mean more than one thing, tattoos with words possess subtle meanings. Initials, symbols representative of a person’s name—like inked roses for someone named Rose—flowers, and music notes are all images that turn up in many meaningful tattoos. That said, having someone draw an image or write words to be permanently inked creates unique imagery for very personally meaningful tattoos.

meaningful tattoos Adam
Adam Popovich’s tattoo of a heart

meaningful tattoos Cass2 meaningful tattoos Cass1 meaningful tattoos Brad

Whatever the reason you may choose to get a tattoo, know that people who have been collecting ink for many years tend to feel the most passionate about the tattoos that have a special, personal meaning to them. Given that tattoos connect to memories we cherish, we should learn the story behind our tattoos as soon as possible. To that end, getting your own meaningful tattoo means evaluating what’s most important to you in life—and figuring out what would look good forever on your skin.

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