Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos

By Devon Fulford

Human beings love the seas of the planet and all that rests in them. Likely, we loved them since the world began, and we show no sign of stopping. And why wouldn’t we want to know more about the deep stretches of water that cover most of Earth’s surface? We made submarines and scuba gear in order to dive below the surface of the oceans and explore them to the best of our ability. The many creatures that live in the ocean inspired wonder and awe in us. And whatever inspires looks good in the tattoo world—even when our interest centers on fiction and fantasy! Today, let’s check out this gallery of mermaid tattoos!

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Mermaid Tattoos Meaning

Mermaids are mythical beings who many people choose to incorporate into an inked work of art. They are known as the sirens of the seas who have live for the sole purpose of luring unwitting sailors to untimely watery graves; nevertheless, there’s something that appeals to the half-woman, half-fish persona of the mermaid.

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Even the people at Disney tried their hand at converting Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s beautiful and terrible tale of “The Little Mermaid” into something with mass appeal—and it worked. Contemporary folks tend to recognize the figure of the mermaid as a red-haired, shell bikini-clad Ariel, or Disney’s The Little Mermaid. While all people might not relish the alteration that occurred when Disney took over the original storyline, there’s no doubt that Ariel has made a powerful impact on people of today and her visage can be found in innumerable forms of artwork and tattoos.

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We find mermaid tattoos in many different forms. Both men and women adore these fantastic creatures. Their figures strike beautiful poses in both color, grayscale, and simple black ink. Sailor Jerry inspired many mermaid tattoos, thanks to his unique pin-up tattoo style. Whether in watercolor, cartoon form, or a simple silhouette, the mermaid looks spectacular. Mermaids of tattoos often appear from the back, or with their heads and faces cast downward. Understandably, this shows both a little bit of secrecy and sadness. A lonesome mystery rests behind the mermaid—which leads to the huge interest in them.

mermaid-tattoos-10 mermaid-tattoos-9 mermaid-tattoos-8 mermaid-tattoos-7 mermaid-tattoos-6 mermaid-tattoos-5 mermaid-tattoos-4Beautiful Mermaid Tattoos

We generally see amazingly beautiful mermaids–which, no doubt, adds to their widespread appeal. Whether by the smart minds at Disney or for reasons unknown, many mermaid likenesses resemble a Disney character. Depicted as red-heads, with long, winding tresses that wrap their bodies and wave in the wind, these tattoos look like Ariel. Some people—mostly women—are so inspired by the figure of the mermaid that they go so far as to have actual scales inked onto their skin, becoming one forever with their favorite creature.

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A mermaid in tattoo form is fun to see alongside more of a detailed ocean or beach scene. In keeping with the story of “The Little Mermaid,” some people choose to get a mermaid tattoo that stares toward a life on land she can never obtain. Whatever the scene, mermaid tattoos can be uniquely great when inked right.



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