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Some people say money can’t buy happiness, and to them, I say: “Money buys an awesome entertainment system, nice home, food, and good clothes to wear on a date.” That covers most of the happiness topics. Actually, you need to find a date on your own without cash. Other than that, money truly symbolizes power. Those who control money control the world. Showing off money might seem selfish, but to those who earned that cash, it shows accomplishment. Unfortunately, not everyone plans on inheriting a million dollars in the near future. So, when those celebrity singers or actors show off their collection, more power to them.

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In the first place, showing off money and inking money designs work about the same. It could be a display of your wealth, or it could be a display of what you aspire to be. Sometimes, money tattoos don’t have to be about what you have or want. Like the actual gesture, it can be a commentary on the concept of money itself. Is money good, evil, or necessary at all? Say your answer in tattoo form, for everyone to see. That’s the awesome thing about art. In today’s article, let’s about different types of money designs, money tattoo quotes, and more! Check out over 50 images of money tattoos, gathered to inspire you!

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Money Bags Tattoos

Bags of money hold tons of money, depending on the size and denomination that they contain. No one knows the exact amount without opening it, but just having the dollar sign on a bag is enough to imply that what’s inside is valuable. When you get a tattoo of money bags, you make a statement about yourself. Like those money bags, people can look at you and know you’re worth something extraordinary, without knowing anything about you. It can also mean that what’s inside is what’s valuable and shows true wealth.

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Blood Money Tattoos

Blood money is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years ago. When the closest thing to a governmental institution was a church, the church had to delegate what kind of punishments there were for killing or murdering someone. Depending on the severity of the crime, the murderer could simply pay off the family to avoid their wrath and prosecution by the church. This money was known as blood money. Of course, not every murder was excusable—someone who killed a sleeping person or a person who sought sanctuary in a church would be labeled an outlaw and could be killed on sight.

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While blood money does appear as fines in the current court systems, it is more commonly seen as a way for gangs to compensate other families after killing a member. Money used to take out a hit on someone is also called blood money, since the money was used to pay for blood in advance. Getting a tattoo of blood money is commonly associated with gangs, so only get blood money designs if you’re truly invested in its meaning. Otherwise, some people might get some bad first impressions about you.

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Time is Money Tattoos

For anyone employed in the field, it’s important to understand that your time is valuable. At the very least, it’s minimum wage, but you can also value it higher if you desire. When someone gives you a hard time or wastes your time, it wastes a little bit of your life and a little bit of your money. Taking the time to get a time is money tattoo is a good way to avoid repeating the phrase when someone asks you for a favor or if you want to travel for work. The phrase is a way of telling others that you value yourself and your time, and you have no patience for things that aren’t worth your time.

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Money Tattoos for Men

For people into power displays, money designs work well. If you want to look like a leader or appear prosperous, use a money tattoo. Thankfully, money and gender don’t go hand in hand. Because of this, don’t pick through the different designs to find something with the right machismo. Instead, pick one that depicts just what kind of man you represent.

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Sensitive? Go with a rose made of money. Eager to show off your wealth? Maybe throw a skull in there to represent the fact that, even after you die, you still bear value. In any event, your tattoo tells others exactly what you represent. Hopefully, these images inspire you!

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Money Tattoos Quotes

Time is Money is a common tattoo quote that we’ve already discussed. But what about other kinds of tattoo quotes? Let’s face it–I can’t sit next to you and figure out which quote works best for you. However, I can point you to an article on InkDoneRight to help you on your way! When looking for money tattoo quotes, check out themes of wealth, prosperity, luck, fortune, business, and dedication. While you search, keep in mind what money means to you—do you bargain with it, or do you use it for status? Hopefully, your quote reflects that. Take your time thinking about it—it needs to match you perfectly, after all!

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Ultimately, if you hold more money than you know what to do with, then money tattoos make a lot of sense. After all, what better way to spend your money than immortalizing it on your body? I mean, what better way to tell everyone what matters most in the world, for better or worse? If you’re interested in tattoo pricing, check out our article on Las Vegas Tattoos that goes into a little bit of pricing detail. You can also check out our guest feature that details how to find the perfect tattoo artist.

Be sure to check out our other galleries at InkDoneRight! As always, thanks for reading!



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