Mother Daughter Tattoos

Mother Daughter Tattoos

The love between mother and daughter is the strongest bond you could ever experience. Moms get to sit through all the highs and lows of growing up again with their daughter, and daughters get a single source of unlimited knowledge through their mother. Tempered with the good and the bad of becoming an adult and forged with love and care, mother daughter tattoos encapsulate decades of history. Whether you are looking for tattoos for you, Mom, that represents your child or a daughter trying to find the right design to convince her, these mother and daughter tattoo images have you covered!

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Mother Daughter Celtic Symbols

Intricate knots and symbols fill Celtic culture to the brim, and the Celtic mother-daughter symbol remains one of its most widely known. The symbol resembles a mother holding a child in her lap, making it easy to recognize and interpret.  Combining the symbol with the word love, flowers, or adding more knots for more children makes this a unique mother-daughter tattoo. You can get one for yourself, or get a matching one with your mother or daughter!

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Mother Daughter Infinity Tattoos

Small mother-daughter tattoos aren’t limited to Celtic symbols. The infinity sign easily converts into the image of a mother hugging her daughter. Just look at some of our images for an example! You can also replace parts of the loop with text going in the same direction, proclaiming your love with words. An infinity symbol with two curls coming out of the center represents a mother-daughter relationship as well. Some sites claim that the curling infinity symbol is a Native American symbol or Celtic symbol, but it most likely comes from a slightly more intricate Swahili mother-daughter symbol.

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Mother Daughter Tattoos on Wrist

Are you a mother with multiple kids? Names tattoo ideas can baffle even the best designers, so here are some ideas on how to get tattoos that represent family, rather than just one daughter. Writing their name on your wrist in small, but eloquent, fonts allows you room for expansion. Children’s names tattoos for moms can go anywhere, but the wrist is a very visible location, while also being concealable for work situations. You can also use small animals like a family of birds to represent people—just extend the branch when someone new is born! Another way to utilize wrist space is to get the same tattoo at the same time as your daughter.

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Meaningful tattoos for moms and daughters must live up to a lifetime of love. Whether you want tattoos for daughters, tattoos for moms, or tattoos for the both of you, talking about it with your other half can help you think of designs. Extra details and personal touches transform your design into a unique tattoo—plus, talking it out with them is half the fun anyways! Despite living together since forever, you never know what secrets they might reveal during a good, long talk. Mother daughter tattoos cement that relationship and ensure you always cherish it.



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