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Anyone with a pair of working ears knows that a good rhythm reaches the heart better than visual art. Music influences our emotions—with somber tunes causing a bit of wistfulness or with peppy pop music picking up our spirits. The visual comfort of music-based simulations and the vibration of loud music through our bones makes it something we feel on many different levels of our senses. By inscribing yourself with a music tattoo, you carry a permanent connection to this amazing language of sound. Today, let’s check out this gallery of amazing music tattoos and talk about their meanings!

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Music Note Tattoos Meaning

Music tattoo designs use the G clef (also called the treble clef) as their subject most often. The symbol represents a very, very stylized G. It assigns the location of the G note on the scale. Similar clefs include the Alto/Tenor clefs, Bass clefs, and Octave clef. Music note star tattoos combine the whimsical experience of music with the radiance of the stars. Of course, it may also reference ‘pop stars.’ Incorporating a music note heart tattoo means that you love music with all your heart. Music tattoo ideas for guys look about the same as girl tattoos, since music notes represent music, not anything intrinsically ‘girly.’

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Music Note Tattoo Designs

Note tattoos on the wrist show everyone your love for music immediately. Small music tattoos like tiny music notes, little treble clefs, and song notation all contribute to both a visual and musical testament. Clever musicians may even recognize the notes of your song and ask you about it! For an alternative way of depicting music, using references to digital music looks unique and creative. A sound waveform captures a fleeting moment of the song (or even simply words), while also resembling a mountain. Controls for music players (both digital and analogue) show how you perceive life—as a song that plays out.

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Music Tattoo Sleeve

Small music tattoos for guys and girls look great, but what about sleeves? Music note tattoos that wrap around the arm allow for greater detail. An entire song wraps around an arm, if you opt for music notation. However, music notes and their song sometimes give way to the actual singers. That is to say, instruments! Or literal singers. Take your pick. Huge guitars, microphones, violins, piano keys, and more all fill up music-themed half sleeve tattoos. A single stylized instrument also works for music tattoos on the forearm.

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Beautiful Music Tattoos

Music note tattoos behind the ear show that you constantly listen for the tune of the world around you. Tattoos of music notes and symbols all depict wonderful sights and sounds to the people around you. Many people take for granted the amazing world we live in, sticking to their phones and tablets instead of experiencing their lives. On the other hand, music overcomes many of our senses. With vision, touch, and hearing all covered, you connect your life to the great intricacies of the world through music tattoos!

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