Neck Tattoos – How to Create An Amazing Display of your Personality

We don’t really think about a person’s neck when we meet them. The eyes, expression, and body posture of a person speak to us before we notice something as insignificant as their neck. Neck tattoos change that. Wearing a tattoo on your neck creates an amazing display of your personality that becomes the forefront of every new encounter. First impressions last forever, and you can control that by thinking deeply about a tattoo design for your neck. An elegant tattoo makes you appear classy, while an abstract tattoo lets you look modern.


With all that said, you probably know what today’s article is all about!  Let’s talk neck designs! We’ll go over the basics such as location benefits or the pain you can expect, and then go into detail about designs and each type of neck tattoo. We have over a dozen pictures to keep your creativity juices flowing as you search for that perfect design! As always, communicate with your artist to ensure they are on the same track as you. Let your mind explore every option so that your neck tattoo represents your individuality perfectly.





Throat Tattoos

Neck designs make for excellent first tattoo ideas. A tattoo turns your neck into an icon that communicates your true self to anyone who sees it. Starting off with a neck tattoo defines you and sets you on a path of expression. Whether you go on to get more tattoos or not, the first tattoo will remain a strong symbol of yourself. While we don’t notice a plain neck in casual conversation, a tattooed neck creates a focal point for others to focus on during conversation. The tattoo itself may even become the center of attention while you talk!




That’s why you shouldn’t rush a tattoo design that will be plainly visible on your neck. You must make sure it represents you through-and-through. An on-the-spot decision is bad for any type of tattoo design, but you should be especially careful with such a noticeable spot on your body. While you can cover most other tattoos with clothing when necessary, a scarf is your best line of defense, and it probably won’t work well. Unless you’re comfortable wearing turtlenecks and makeup, make sure your design is something you want everyone to see.



Pain from Tattoos

Throat tattoo pain also plays a role in whether you should get a tattoo on your neck. I’m not trying to discourage you from getting one—personally, I think neck designs are fabulous—but a throat tattoo is not for the faint of heart. There exists a tattoo pain scale, and the throat area is the most painful part of your neck to have a tattoo done. Tons of nerves run through your neck and make the area very sensitive to touch, let alone the sting of a tattoo gun!



If that sounds too painful, but you still want to get a tattoo on your neck, then consider all your neck areas. The back of your neck hurts less, while the side of your neck hurts the least. If this isn’t your first tattoo, then you should be fine. There are less painful places to get a tattoo, like your thighs or calves, but the side of your neck isn’t too much of a jump in pain level. Only the throat, with its hundreds of sensitive nerve endings, could surprise an inked veteran. If you can’t stand the pain, you might consider using a numbing cream.




Neck Tattoos Designs

Fashion tattoos for women match the neck area perfectly. Jewelry tattoos or vines wrap around the neck and give a very 3D look, even if the design lacks 3D shadows. Tribal tattoos on the neck for men work the same way. These fashion tattoos work so well because they take advantage of the natural curves of your body. As your neck curves, the abstract shapes curve noticeably with it, even if they appear ‘straight’ from another angle.




On the other hand, stepping away from the straight edges of a fashion tattoo or abstract tattoo can create optical illusions. A full-color, realistic design looks like it pops out at anyone who sees it, and the precise shape of your neck becomes obscured. These sorts of designs look different depending on where you view them from, but an excellent artist knows how to use that to their advantage.



Side Neck Tattoos

Simple tattoos on the neck don’t have to encompass it entirely. A simple design on the side of your neck or just below your ear draws enough attention to itself and makes you stand out just as well as an elaborate design. Signs, symbols, words, and any illustration in the New School tattoo style work well in this area. New School tattoos work so well in this area because of their bold lines and vivid colors. They create a pattern recognizable for many different angles. Any design with high contrast will work just as well.


Tattoos for the Full Neck

As I said before, throat tattoos hurt immensely. A tattoo that encompasses your neck will be taxing on your endurance, even if you have a high pain tolerance. Nonetheless, neck tattoos for men and women are well worth the pain. You can create a huge design that follows your body’s curves from many different areas. The neck is the most noticeable place for a large tattoo, and using this canvas is a must for any tattoo lover. You can pick an integrated design that wraps around your neck and extends downwards. You can also get multiple small tattoos inked over the course of time, forming a collage of your life history. Both types of full neck designs look amazing.




No matter what kind of tattoo you choose, it will become your call sign. When people think of you, your tattoo will be as prevalent as your pretty eyes or voice in their memory. Like a second name, your tattoo identifies who you are to everyone around you. You might be intimidated by the public nature of neck tattoos, but just remember—your tattoo is a work of art that you share with everyone! Make plans. Make designs. Get excited. You can make this tattoo a turning point in your life—one that empowers you to be who you want to be and flaunt it!






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  1. I love all the great tips. I’m trying to find the right design and lettering for my next tattoo. Actually it needs to be redone. someone messed up big time on the side of my neck. An in loving memory for my brother. so I’m making sure that this time it’s done right. Which I regret not doing the first time. Thanks again.


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