Our First Month!

Our First Month!

It’s about a month ago when we launched this website. What a ride… so, what happened in this very first month? This might sound simple and naive, but this is the first web project we have ever started, so all of us are new to this. Let me give you some insights on what happened, good and bad.

All About the Good Things in Life…

The Readers – You

Surprisingly, there are more good things to tell than bad ones! There is a small downside to this good point, though. The very first week we didn’t see a lot of traffic coming in at all. But that changes pretty fast. After we had about five articles online our readers began to increase. Within two weeks after start we peaked at about a thousand readers a day! And after three weeks we had on average 80% new and 20% returning visitors per day. The returning visitors spend on average 8 minutes on our website! That’s a blast! No other words for that. There were some expectations given the size of our social media followers, but reality has beaten our expectations by far. I guess it’s the perfect point in this post to say THANK YOU!

A New Team Member

Starting a blog, especially if taken seriously, is more work than one might expect. Sure, you find all those Youtube videos explaining how to start a blog in five minutes, but honestly that doesn’t work out if you want to deliver a high quality standard. As you may have noticed, I’m not a native English speaker. So there were one or two errors on the page already. So we were in need of a proofreader. But, we were also in need of a graphic designer to complete some open tasks. So I reached out to find a graphic designer. I didn’t actually find someone who had the style I was looking for, but one of the applications was so brilliantly written that I had to go back and consider that writing position. I never read an application which made me smile and had such a good style. I was curious as to whom the writer might be. You know what I found? A professional writer who also does design work was applying for the designer opening. That professional writer was Sara Swanson ( @sarydactl ). After having a talk with her I ask if she would be interested to hop onboard and start writing about tattoos. And she did! Have a look at her articles. We are so happy that she is onboard and that our team has already grown. Welcome Sara, and thanks for all of your contribution! We are happy to have you with us!

Our First Guest Blogger

Power of WordsThose of you who are not familiar with a guest blogger, here’s a quick explanation. It’s in essence a partnership with another writer. The guest blogger writes under his own name on your blog. About two weeks ago we have been approached by a tattoo studio from Florida with the offer to support in building this community. We are still in the process of finalizing the details, so we can’t introduce them yet in detail, but we can reveal some. It’s a tattoo studio with eight tattooists and two piercers. All of them have been in the business for ages, won various awards, and describe themselves as walking tattoo knowledge encyclopedias! Again, we are looking forward to having them on board with us! We aim to publish a weekly article with their insights.

A New Category

Remember the little sentence in the first author bio?  “Capacity is a scarce resource. As soon as we grow, we will add interviews with Tattoo Artists, Models, and Photographers”. We did grow way faster than expected. Therefore, we will be able to introduce the next category faster then we thought we could. Our next and new category will be interviews. First, we will conduct interviews with tattoo artist. We are filling the pipeline with interview candidates and also have the first style discussions. It’s hard to give you a fixed date, but we plan to go live with this new category by beginning of April. So, within the next “private talk” post, we should already be able to give you some insights in our first interview experiences.

The Other Side of the Coin

The Downside of Web Traffic

As you can imagine, there is also a flip side of the coin for everything – or most – positive stuff that happened. It’s absolutely awesome to see the readers coming in and coming back. When we went live, we didn’t to a lot of speed optimization on the page. And as you notice, it’s pretty high quality picture heavy. After seeing the traffic coming in the site slowed actually down even more. There is a lot of effort going in page optimization. Also moving to a faster host is currently under discussion. I hope we can increase the site loading speed even further with some minor tweaks. We will put a lot of effort into that in the near future!


Remember we promised you to send a weekly update on whats going on? Did you noticed that you didn’t receive one last week? Oh, you didn’t because you didn’t sign up for the newsletter? Well, then now would be the perfect time to do that! Just kidding. Our first month - newsletterWe missed last week’s update. And we want to apologize for this! The reason was pretty simple. We were using a pretty time consuming email newsletter system. Which works out perfectly for minimal volumes of emails. We had more registrations than we expected, so our approach didn’t work out at all. We had to move to a different service provider, which was quite a hassle. It’s just a one-time effort, but it still took some time to evaluate and transfer everything. We decided to go with Mailchimp as you may have noticed in the footer of our latest newsletter. So, from now on we will be sending our weekly email to you as this solution is perfectly scalable.

Getting Hacked

It was on a Friday evening. You know the feeling. It’s Friday, you know you will work on the weekend, but still – now is the time to relax a bit, enjoy your evening, chill, watch some television, go partying, or what ever you like to do on a Friday evening. Well, my personal Friday evening follows the same. I do my workout (Friday is leg day), take my shake, shower, prepare my dinner and complain about the pain in my legs. But that one Friday two weeks ago, I was sitting there, enjoying my post-workout shake (no kidding, I like that stuff), and what did I see? Some really shady link in the “related posts” section of this page with “diet pills” and other not related stuff. My first thought was, “WE GOT HACKED!” – no panic, that wasn’t the case, just go on reading. If you ever have been in the military, then you know how fast you can shower. No time later I was again in front of my mac trying to get a grip on whats going on. At that time I really believed that the site was already hacked. I checked the security protocols, the firewalls and all other stuff that protects the website. No indication of an attack whatsoever. After hours of searching we found the reason for those strange “related article” links. Did you noticed that our social media sharing buttons look different then they used to? The third party plugin we used to use, placed those “related post” links on our website. The good news, no security breach at all. Still, that wasn’t something which belongs on a quality page. No third party tool has ever been uninstalled faster from a website than this one (in all fairness, I have to say that it would have been possible to deactivate this particular issue, but I was upset…).

Final words

We are still at the very beginning of this journey. The first month was already and adventure ride – a good one! Thanks again to all our new and returning readers. We are happy that you like the content. The next month is going to be even more exciting. Introducing a new category and having new guest writers on board is simply amazing. We’re looking forward to those weeks and also looking forward to giving you another update in April!

As always, thanks for your time!

our first month - thank you



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