Owl Tattoo Meaning – 20 Owl Tattoos Representing Mystery and Wisdom

Owl Tattoo Meaning – 20 Owl Tattoos Representing Mystery and Wisdom

Owls hit that weird middle ground of ‘terrifying predator that stalks in the night’ and ‘holy crap, how can something so tiny and adorable be so deadly?’ Their affiliation with the sky and their nocturnal habits have given them a mix of both good and terrible associations. The sky is normally seen as heavenly, while the night is associated with evil. This makes owls a little bit of both. If you are looking for a tattoo with a broad range of meanings, an owl tattoo is for you. These mystical animals demand a feeling of mystery and reverence. An owl tattoo is always less about you and your personality and more about your ideals or your interactions with the world around you. By using aftercare tattoo lotion, you ensure your ideals ring true for decades on your skin without fading. In today’s gallery, we’re talking all about owls!

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Owl Tattoo Meanings

First, let’s delve a little more into owl symbolism. What do owl tattoos mean? The owl tattoo meaning changes depending on what type it is, what region of the world you are in, and even what culture you are from. Owls are universal on the inhabited continents, with only Antarctica void of any owls. Well, perhaps. Maybe there are some we just don’t know about. I digress. Here are some different types of owls tattoo meanings.

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Types of Owls

  • Barn Owl – These owls are potentially the most terrifying of all of them. There’s something about their void-like eyes and piercing glare that doesn’t even resemble a bird. These owls symbolize perception and the ability to navigate through dark times, figuratively speaking. They are also represent understanding, productivity, and courage. They are excellent guardians of secrets.
  • Snowy Owl – It’s possible that you first saw this owl in the Harry Potter films, and for good reason! This owl is associated with magic, secrets, knowledge, and precognition. Augurs—people who use the flight of birds to determine the future—saw an owl flying in the daytime as a terrible omen that foretold death.
  • Great Horned Owl – These owls are easiest to spot as the sun sets and they get ready for a nightly hunt. The ‘horns’ of the owl (which are just very cute tufts of feathers) are seen as a connection to heaven. Like the barn owl, they excel at perception. They can recognize the secrets and desires of others. They also exemplify warriors, often defending its territory against much larger birds like the Golden Eagle.
  • White-faced Owl – These owls represent darkness, prophesy, and wisdom. Lies don’t get past them and their instincts are second to none. They also represent death or a transition in life.

More Owl Tattoo Meanings

All owls, in some form or another, represent wisdom and perception. Their vast knowledge is what helps them hunt at night, and their fearlessness shows that they know exactly when they are in danger. Seeing a nocturnal bird during the day is considered bad luck, and this is even more so with owls because of their association with death. Nonetheless, their bad reputation doesn’t stop hundreds of owl lovers some grabbing some lidocaine cream and prepping themselves for an owl tattoo.

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Owls are commonly seen as spirit animals or totem animals because of their symbolism. Someone who gets an owl tattoo because it is their spirit animal would have an uncanny ability to see the true motives of others, possess a huge library of knowledge, and may even be able to recognize things before they happen. I can’t confirm or deny any of this, since I am more of an Elk person. I can at least tell you to grab some numbing cream ahead of time if you want a tattoo.

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Feminine Owl Tattoos

Owls can be small, classy tattoos for women if you pick the right design. Owls are rarely associated with a particular gender, so if you want to design owl tattoos for women or owl tattoos for girls, you’re going to have to stick with the basics. Feminine tattoos always focus on curves and light lines. Neotraditional tattoo styles are an excellent place to start, since they focus on shape and bold colors. Avoiding straight lines is a must, as that style lends itself to masculinity.

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Cute Little Owl Tattoos

Tiny owl tattoos are, hands down, the most adorable type of tattoo you can get. Getting an owl tattoo on your wrist or ankle is a cute way to portray a lot of meaning. When drawn with more than one owl or moonlight, these little tattoos can represent friendship. They can be designed as a stand-alone owl or standing upon a branch. Honestly, for something this cute, you don’t necessarily need to think about the owl tattoo meaning behind it. Tattoos are about art, and if you find it aesthetically pleasing, then the tattoo has done its job! Sit down in a comfortable tattoo chair or tattoo bed and let your artist do their work!

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Family Owl Tattoos

Owls take excellent care of their young. There is even a special name for baby owls—owlets! Because of their association with wisdom, this makes them the perfect symbol of parenthood. Getting one or two owls to represent parents and several little owls to represent children makes for an excellent design that can always be expanded when another person enters the family.

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Unique Owl Tattoos

Other interesting owl tattoos include owl clock tattoos. The clock can be worn by the owl, held in the owl’s mouth, or be part of the owl itself. Because owls are incredibly smart and knowledgeable about death, an owl with a clock is a way of saying that your days are numbered and you should use them with care. Dream catchers can be incorporated in much the same way as a clock. In many Native American tribes, owls are seen as messengers. Some tribes think they are good luck, while others think they are the most evil thing to grace the planet. They can be seen as carriers of dreams, good or bad, so putting them with a dream catcher shows your wisdom and acceptance of times good or bad.

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So, do you think you can align yourself with the knowledgeable owl? Do you feel that you are wise, can perceive the motives of others, or excellent at keeping secrets? An owl tattoo might be right for you. If you have seen the owl come to you in a dream, chances are that an owl is your spirit animal, so getting an owl tattoo is a way of getting closer to your inner self.

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