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For a large portion of the human populace, we can’t envision life without our four-legged friends! Through all the twists and trials of life, dogs stay our companions. Animals—and, most notably, dogs and cats—make great people companions. As a result of this bond, let’s celebrate, commemorate, and check out these amazing paw print tattoo designs! From here on out, it’s all about our furry friends!

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Dog and Cat Paw Print Tattoos Meaning

Strangely enough, while paw print tattoos look the same, they differ in meaning, style, and location. Very often, people who opt for a paw print design love nature and animals, perhaps working alongside them. As a matter of fact, working with animals at a rescue or farm changes your life for the better. Of her own paw print tattoo, model and ink-enthusiast Cassidy Hara says, “I have loved animals all my life, always wanting to be a veterinarian or someone who took care of and worked with animals. [My paw print tattoo] was and is a reminder of that love and dream.”

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Paw print tattoos pay visible tribute to a beloved pet. We know them dearly, whether the pet fills your life with happiness or already parted ways with you. Our animals make more than just pets—they belong to our family. The pain of losing a pet makes life very difficult. Inking a permanent record of their life on your skin helps us grieve. Memories of our dear friends make cheer us up, even for fleeting moments.

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We observe symbolism within ourselves, therefore paw print tattoo designs hold deeper meaning. A person with a dog print aligns themselves with loyalty and happiness. On the other hand, a feline paw print means grace, stealth, and guile.

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Dog and Cat Paw Print Tattoos Design 

The designs of paw print tattoos vary in scope, size, and detail. Based on what the wearer desires and prefers in ink, art, and life, two people could choose totally different designs. Some paw print tattoos show off bright colors, though most people prefer black and white tattoos. Paw prints designs might only fit on a finger, or, on the other hand, they might fill a chest as a centerpiece.

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Of course, paw print tattoos are not solely relegated to domesticated animals, either. Many people have a predilection for the larger furry mammals, such as lions, and tigers, and bears, further increasing their interest in paw print tattoos. Different and rare types of paw print tattoos make compelling and unique works of ink, despite their obscurity.

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Cat Paw Print Tattoos Cover-Up

As is the unfortunate case with many tattoos, there are times when the wearer decides that she or he didn’t really want to have that paw print tattoo forever, even though they enjoyed it for a few years. Perhaps they are unsatisfied with the artwork, or maybe they decided that the skin would be better if designated for a different ink-piece. Either way, dealing with an unwanted paw print tattoo takes time.

Opportunely, there are many creative ways to cover-up a paw print tattoo, or simply work it into the context of a larger and more preferable piece. Just like any cover-up, someone who wants to cover up or change a paw print tattoo should discuss the process with a trusted artist. After talking about the reason for the cover up and deciding what to do, both of you can move forward with your plans. And, you never know–perhaps discussing the tattoo will inspire you to keep it! Above all, paw prints represent our amazing companions in life.

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