Piercing Shops – How to Choose One and What Your Piercing will Cost You!

Tattooing is just one form of body modification that focuses on the skin as a canvas and ink as its paint. Piercing is arguably a more popular form of body modification, and for their fortunate patrons, many tattoo shops double as piercing shops. If a shop offers piercing as a service, they usually include it in their store name. Piercing is a simple and quick process, perfect for downtime between tattoo sessions. In today’s article, we’ll go through the many different services that piercing shops have to offer, along with how piercings can complement any tattoos you may have.

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Piercing Jewelry

Of course, the main purpose of a piercing is to display your jewelry 24/7—or at least until you take them out and go to bed. Of course, earrings are the most popular type of piercing jewelry, and they can be found in many varieties. From humble studs to brazen hoops, there is an infinite variety of jewelry to express yourself. When shopping for earrings, don’t just stop at your local jewelry store. Earrings are easy to make, and you might find some interesting jewelry at your local craft store or a small Etsy shop. Earrings are also relatively cheap, so don’t worry about getting too many at once!

Gauges are the second-most-popular piercing jewelry, although shopping for them is a little more complicated. You have to be very picky about the size, lest you stretch your ear too far or get one that’s too small to even wear. There is jewelry made specifically for stretching your ears, so if you want gauges, you should definitely purchase a kit of those. Once you are at the size you want, focus on finding tunnels or plugs that suits your style.





There are also specific kinds of piercing jewelry for tongue piercings, lip piercings, nipple piercings, and more. There are also barbells, bananabells, helix jewelry, and outlandish designs that can be used in conjunction with specialty piercings. When shopping for specialty piercing jewelry, keep in mind that some jewelry designs are multi-purpose. If you have an appropriately sized and shaped hole, then you can put whatever you want there—even if your jewelry doesn’t match the label. On the other hand, you might want to think twice about getting tongue bars for your ears—some things just aren’t meant to work together.




Piercing Shops Online

Shopping online is a good way to save on jewelry. Of course, you should always go to a piercing shop if you need the initial piercing, but online stores usually offer jewelry for cheaper costs. Once your piercing has finished healing, they are your best bet for saving money. Piercing Pagoda is the most popular site for jewelry, and it also offers necklaces, bracelets, and more so that you can match your attire with your piercings. Other popular online piercing shops include Spenser’s online store, Crazy Factory and Body Candy.


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The products are often the same as the ones you see on the jewelry stands in-store, so you should only really be purchasing jewelry in-store for your initial piercing or to support the store itself. When comparing prices between online stores and brick-and-mortar stores, be sure to keep your shipping costs in mind. Often times, items only appear cheaper than their in-store counterparts thanks to a hidden shipping fee. Even if the price is cheaper, you should also consider the time that it takes to ship to you. If the difference is less than a dollar, it’s not worth waiting the extra time to get your jewelry faster. You can just save yourself the trouble and get it at the store immediately.




Piercing Prices

Before you walk into a piercing shop, let’s talk prices. The prices of shops vary widely by location, notoriety, and expertise of the store. You can get them done cheaply at Clair’s, or you can get a wide variety of piercings, along with specialized care and keeping tips, at a local piercing shop. Basic earlobe piercings run about $15, while piercings in other areas of the ear or nose will be about $20. Body piercings in other common areas—the nipples, eyebrows, belly button, and so on—will run you $30 for each piercing. Specialty locations that are not normally pierced, such as your back, the space between your fingers, and similar locations, can get up to $55, but shouldn’t be more.

These prices don’t include the cost of jewelry, so pay attention to the price of what you pick out before going ahead with your piercing. Of course, whoever is giving you the piercing will make it clear ahead of time…no one is happy when a misunderstanding happens when it comes to money! Jewelry ranges from as low as $10 for some basic silver stuff to quite expensive for stuff with fancy designs, gemstones, or even diamonds. For first time piercings, I would recommend getting the cheapest nickel-free jewelry, to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction, and then return after your body has accommodated to the piercing for more elaborate jewelry.

Some parlors will give you a discount if you get more than one piercing at a time, although not every store is guaranteed to offer this. Discounts won’t be high—maybe $5—but those discounts add up if you are getting quite a few piercings at once. If a tattoo studio doesn’t indicate that they do piercings in their title or on their website, it’s best to call ahead before you visit. It’s also good to call ahead to get a general estimate of the price of your piercings. Keep in mind that these prices are all in 2015 dollars, so they aren’t set in stone.




When getting a piercing to match a tattoo, follow the natural design of your tattoo. Is your tattoo in a location where tattoos are typical? Awesome, then. You have a huge variety of jewelry to choose from. For non-conventional locations, you can talk with your piercer to see what sort of options you have. They are always happy to help and offer suggestions to you. With or without a tattoo, your piercings are a low-key way of displaying your style. From subtle to dazzling, there is a perfect piercing and jewelry combo just waiting for you!

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