Pisces Tattoos

Pisces Tattoos

Anyone born in the winter months, between February 19th and March 20th, can call themselves a Pisces. One of the earliest myths on record, the word ‘Pisces’ means ‘fish’ in Latin. Thus, artists normally include aquatic life in Pisces tattoos. Around 2300 B.C.E., early Egyptian history tells the tale of two fish appearing on the lid of a coffin. As a result, the tale intrigued people with this history, and now everyone loves Pisces tattoos.

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Who Are Pisces People?

Notably, people born under the water sign of Pisces tend to be lovers. Generous and sensitive, perhaps overly so, at times, Pisces takes its emotion from its water element. Considered hesitant in situations that require quick thinking, Pisces report that stress, well, stresses them out. Just like their myth, their ego pulls Pisces in different directions. At any rate, the natural duality to this sign—shown in imagery most often by two fish–causes this to happen.

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Many people find Pisces highly intuitive and quick to adapt, both of which proves difficult in excess, depending on the setting. Pisces often seek work in counseling, teaching, or other chatty professions. They thrive where people value feedback and hate harsh criticism.

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Beautiful Pisces Tattoo Imagery

Often, Pisces tattoos take the form of small fish, swimming away from one another or in different directions but connected by a thin rope. That said, the symbol represents the dual nature of people born under this sign.  Because of their beauty, Japanese koi fish prove very popular among Pisces tattoos. Although, sometimes artists use other fish, as well.

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Very often, colored tattoos feature fish in sea tones, such as blue, green, and purple. To offset the two fish, sometimes an artist colors one fish with a sea tone and the other in earthy colors, like orange.

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While common, fish aren’t the only symbol that turn up in Pisces tattoos. Because of the water element of this sign, mermaids and other legends of the sea also appear in Pisces ink.

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Comparable to the letter H, we see the Pisces symbol often in Pisces tattoo designs. Sometimes, people opt for the sign on its own, while others ask for it in a larger piece. Often, artists ink the sign in black.

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The yin-yang is also a symbol habitually associated with Pisces tattoos and, once again, plays into the concept of the two-sided ideology of this sign. Consequently, many Pisces tattoos have a yin-yang somehow incorporated into the piece.

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Pisces Tattoo Placement

Pisces tattoos make stunning art on any part of the body. Many people seem place their Pisces tattoo on their feet—perhaps, once more, making note of the dual nature of the sign. Avid Pisces people may even choose an entire back piece made up of fish and mermaids to produce a strong message about their love for Pisces! Lastly, the beautiful fish and myths behind Pisces tattoos create a world of designs for Pisces fans.

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