Pit Bull T-Shirts

Welcome to the World of Pit Bull T-Shirts

Okay, finally! I’m in love with pit bulls, and while this might seem unrelated to tattoos, I get to talk about them today! Getting inked is a big commitment, just like taking care of a pit bull. You need special care for both your skin and your dog, but the investment pays off the moment you show off your tattoo or see your dog smile. So why not combine these two aspects of your life? Boom. We did it for you. Welcome to the world of pit bull t-shirts!


Pitbull T-Shirts

While looking for shirts for pitbulls, did you ever consider one for yourself? Some people still fear pit bull dogs, despite evidence that they wag their tails and play just like any other dog. Pit bull shirts allow you to acquaint your friends with your dog before they meet them in person. All things considered, the world needs to learn more about pit bulls. Shirts range from funny pit bull t-shirts to full-on pitbull mom shirts. A good pit bull t-shirt should combine your other interests with it. We gathered a few pit bull dog shirts here for you to peruse, so check them all out! Spring is almost here, so you need something to replace those pit bull sweatshirts!  Click on any picture or description to see the full shirt.

Happiness is a Pit Bull SmileHappiness is a Pit Bull Smile

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American pitbull t-shirts that show off what the dog does best–smile!–never cease to cheer me up. This one contains psychedelic colors and patterns and works well for anyone who appreciates art. Which, I assume, is every one on a tattoo site.


Life is better with Pit Bulls

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Pit bull terrier t-shirts capture the playfulness of your dog and your passion for tattoos. This one contains hints of tribal tattoo designs with a smiling pit bull at its center.


Keep Calm - Its a Pit Bull

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The stigma behind pit bulls comes from a history of using the breed for fighting matches. However, people from the past used many other popular breeds to hunt, yet people love them. What’s with that? This pit bull t-shirt references that and tells everyone to relax.


Two Things Last Forever

Here, we see a lady rocking her love for pit bulls with her beautiful vine tattoo peeking out on her left forearm. Rock on, sister!

Two Things Last Forever

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Women Pit Bull T-Shirts

Pitbull mom shirts should be a staple for every female pitbull owner (and also male, if we want to be honest with ourselves). These pit bull t-shirts epitomize the mom in all of us.

Inked Pit Bull MomYes, even when those pit bulls chew at the carpet because they miss you. They just want love!


Inked Pit Bull Mom

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Stand tall and proud… and next to your pit bull!

Pit Bull Heartbeat

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This shirt contains one of the best designs here. The subtle heart beat with a dog poking out of it shows what’s really in our hearts.


Life is better with Pit Bulls


But not only women own pit bull shirts! Let’s check out some manly designs…

Life is better with Pit Bulls

Pitbull T-Shirts for Men

Pit bull lovers t-shirts, without the sequins, for hardcore pit bull owners. A little bit of ferociousness never hurt anyone, and both you and your dog prove that!

I Hug Pit Bulls

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Initially, I thought this dude needed a therapist. Then I realized he only needed a hug from his dog!

Inked, Happy Pit Bull Owner

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Sometimes, people don’t understand that you can do all of the above at the same time. Well, you show them!

dont mess with my pit bull

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While the dogs might look dangerous, note that owners should be the real worry. It takes a strong person to raise a good pit bull! Afterwards, you might even say you look alike!

Above all, dogs know what matters in life. While people judge you for your tattoos, dogs don’t even notice them! In other words, you let your actions define you, and your dog loves you for that. A pitbull t-shirt tells everyone else what matters to you in life, at the same time showing your pride in your ink. In my opinion, the love of a pitbull is worth more than the world, even beyond the art we use on our skin! For this reason, I wanted to share these pit bull t-shirts with you. Spread the love!

Inked, Happy Pit Bull Owner


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