Popular Tattoos

Popular Tattoos

Hula hoops. Denim pantsuits. Sideburns. Though pop culture might not be everyone’s cup of tea, trends become popular due to an overabundance of people partaking in them. The world of ink is not immune to the phenomena of styles that blow up in the mainstream. And though the word “popular” is largely subjective, and people are apt to change their mind about what they love and loathe on the daily, there are certain popular tattoos that seem like they’ll always be in vogue.


Skull Tattoos

Both men and women, old and young, are drawn to the macabre and fascinating imagery of skulls. Skull tattoos can be found in a huge variety of styles, ranging from cutesy to downright terrifying. Some people prefer to get more traditional style skulls, while others are attracted to surreal styles of tattoos. Sugar skulls are prevalent in tattoo culture; both human and animal skulls can be found on a large number of tattooed folks, as well.

Because skull tattoos can differ so much in style, there’s no easy way to encapsulate their meaning. A skull tattoo could be a memorial piece for a particular tattoo wearer, while it demonstrates another’s person’s passion for Halloween. You’ll find people like to place their skull tattoos all over their bodies, as well.


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Flowers and Hearts Tattoos

On the lighter side of popular tattoos are those comprised of flower and/or heart imagery. The customary rose is a popular flower tattoo that many people choose due to its obvious symbolism of love, beauty, and great attraction. Other flowers that are popular in tattoos are daisies, lilies, and lotus blossoms.


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Heart tattoos are popular likely because every human being has a heart which normally seems to dictate thoughts and behaviors to some degree. The heart as the centerpiece of a chest piece is wildly popular, on both men and women. Hearts can often be seen on multiple wearers who get inked together to display a love or bond between them.


popular tattoos Cass2


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Sun, Moon, and Stars Tattoos

Celestial sun, moon, and star tattoos will likely always remain popular. The cosmos prevail in being one of life’s greatest mysteries, and people are fascinated with the potential effects that can be derived from these heavenly bodies. Since the recorded beginning of human civilization, people have watched and worshipped the sun from afar. Sun tattoos are popular as symbols of life and warmth. Moon tattoos can also be representative of the cycles of life and are inked in a number of ways.


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Star tattoos are exceptionally popular. The nautical star is a more traditional tattoo image, and many, many wearers have at least one, someone on their body canvas. These pieces may be demonstrative of a connection with someone in the navy or who is/was a sailor. Because of the prevalence of this image, many companies brand themselves with a star logo, and people may choose to incorporate this into a tattoo.


popular tattoos Kate


Butterfly and Bird Tattoos

Winged creatures make for super popular tattoos. There’s something captivating about seeing a butterfly or bird in flight, and many people choose one of these beings to have inked on. Swallows are among the most popular birds, while butterflies can come in any shape, size, or color. Both women and men are likely to get bird tattoos, but butterflies are more often to be witnessed on female skin.


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popular tattoos Bird3


popular tattoos Butterfly4


popular tattoos Bird4


It doesn’t matter if your tattoo is popular or the only one in the world like it—though this is arguable among certain inked sets. The crucial part about having ink is that is meaningful to you, the wearer. It is, after all, your skin.

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