Portrait Tattoos

Portrait Tattoos

What better way to publicly demonstrate your affection for someone than inking a portrait tattoo of them? Very popular among certain groups of tattoo lovers, portrait tattoos show off the emotions we love. On the other hand, only the most skilled artists can pull off portrait tattoos. So, definitely do your own research and find an artist whose gallery overflows with portrait tattoos. Bonus if they actually flaunt their abilities in the scene of portrait tattoos!

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Portrait Tattoo Subjects

If portrait tattoos fail so frequently, why does anyone bother getting them? Moreover, when portrait tattoos do come off well, the sight may throw people off. It’s like seeing an actual photograph on someone’s skin. As social beings, we show people in our life we care deeply for them with portrait tattoos. In essence, it’s an amazing complement!

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Who are the subjects of portrait tattoos? Close friends and family members make up a large percentage of the images that people opt to get in the form of a portrait tattoo. Many parents choose to get their child or children’s picture worked into a portrait tattoo. Some tattooed folk use portrait tattoos as memorials to loved ones who have passed away—and this doesn’t just include people. Often, people will choose to get a portrait of a four-legged companion inked on.

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At any rate, there are no limits to who might constitute a good subject for a portrait tattoo. Iconic women in cinematic history—such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe—are often the subjects of portrait tattoos. Pin-up models like Bettie Page grace the skin of countless people’s bodies. Major sports players, legends of music, and other pop culture figures are seen in portrait tattoos around the globe. Taking the image of a largely recognizable figure—Albert Einstein or Abraham Lincoln—and putting a modern spin on the image also makes for a fun portrait tattoo.

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Seriously, Do Your Homework

Finally, we can’t stress this enough. When you decide on a tattoo, it can be incredibly tempting to run into the nearest shop and demand and artist give you the attention you want in that moment. And in contemporary America, there are tattoo parlors in most every town across the nation—some in much larger concentrations than others.

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Here’s the deal—there are certain artists who prefer to do portrait tattoos, and others who don’t. Like any form of artwork, artists work in their field of specialty. You don’t go see a sculptor if you wanted a realistic landscape sketch. And, like in every industry, there are tattoo artists who misrepresent themselves and their craft—or lack thereof. On top of that, getting tattoos removed is insanely painful and expensive. As a result, you’ve got to do your homework upfront so you know what you’re getting into.

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It’s easy to research artists online, view their digital portfolios, and even set up appointments, in some cases.

By Devon Fulford


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