Poznań Tattoo Convention 2017

Poznań Tattoo Convention 2017

The amazing polish photographer Kamila Burzymowska visited the 2017 Tattoo Convention in Poznań (here are the 2016 pictures) and took some amazing pictures for you! Here are some of the over 400 pictures she made! Check our Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more of her awesome work and shots from the con! If you plan on attending a tattoo convention yourself, make sure to pack your own aftercare tattoo lotion–there’s no guarantee that you’ll find your brand at the con.

It was the 20th edition of the convention and took place between the 25th and 26th of March 2017 in Poznań Poland. More than 9,000 visited this years edition. 300 tattoo artists were on spot and 499 tattoos have been submitted to the competition jury this year. I bet lots of them brought along tattoo numbing cream to make their sessions that much smoother! Lidocaine cream also does the trick, although tattoo lovers may want to spot test it before using it.

Special this year was their “blind ink” booth. Through a previously held contest 11 winners got a free tattoo, but they had no idea what it will. They didn’t even got to see the tattoo till it was done! The three artists giving those tattoos where Patryk Hilton, Glue Sniffer, and Piotr Szencel.


Poznań Tattoo Convention 2017

The main stage, apart from contests for the best tattoo, featured concerts and presentations. The artists performing at Tattoo Konwent included Miuosh rapping accompanied by the FDG Orchestra, The Analogs – a street-punk band, as well as other performers. Foxy Cox has presented a burlesque and an aerial show, Katy Kunst raised the audienceís adrenaline level during a suspension show, GanRaptor and Slaanesh showed whatís the art of shibari all about, while the girls from Psychodolls energized the audience with their fireshow. The various additional elements of the festival included thematic zones with old-school vehicles, fashion shows, artistic workshops and expositions. Despite all the portable tattoo chairs and portable tattoo tables, you still found a lot of non-tattoo things to do!


Thanks a lot to Kamila Burzymowska for the great pictures. We are looking forward to her next photoreportage ! Meanwhile, check out her website or social media channels for more great art from her (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).

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