Rihanna Tattoos And Their Meaning

Rihanna dazzled the world when she entered the music scene under the guidance of long-time rapper, tribal tattoos. Her amazing and heartfelt songs reached people all over the world, despite her humble beginnings in Barbados. Her work stretched a whole spectrum of the life women experience around the world. My personal favorite is “Only Girl,” but her collaboration “Love the Way You Lie” also strikes a chord with me. You really feel her emotion and her genuine feelings through her songs. Similarly, her tattoos tell a whole story of their own. Without further ado, let’s get right into the world of Rihanna tattoos.


Goddess Isis Meaning

Her most renowned tattoo sits just below her breasts. The Egyptian goddess Isis stretches her wings out into a lovely and ancient design. She presided over slaves, sinners and artisans—which fits anyone in the music industry to the T. Even today, she still receives worship from neo-pagan practitioners. On top of her Isis tattoo, she also wears a tattoo on her left ribcage of Queen Nefertiti. Meaning? She loves Egyptian lore a bunch. But in all seriousness, what does Nefertiti symbolize? This queen and her husband created a religious revolution in Egypt and shifted their belief towards a monotheistic cult of Aten (a sun god). The art world transformed, as well.


Rihanna Tattoos: Chest

Along with her iconic Isis tattoo, Rihanna wears the quote ‘Never a failure, Always a lesson’ on her chest. The artist inked it backwards so that it reads normally whenever Rihanna looks into the mirror. The Roman numerals on her left shoulder (XI-IV-LXXXVI) read out the birthdate of her best friend. Melissa, one of Rihanna’s assistants, also tattooed the birthdate of Rihanna on her own body. Lastly, a cross on her left collarbone represents sacrifice, and also possibly her religion. She chose this location so that a necklace covers it whenever she feels like it.


Rihanna Tattoos: Hand

Rihanna’s hand tattoos went through a few transformations while she grew as an artist. First, she received a ‘dragon claw’ tattoo that went over her right thumb. The design matched her ex-boyfriend’s. Second, she inked a traditional Maori tattoo, which shows a pattern of arrows and crosses from the tips of her fingers and up her forearm. After that, she inked a henna-style tattoo over the Maori tattoo that expanded on the ‘dragon claw.’ To this day, you still see each part of the tattoo on her hand. The Maori tattoo was added upon, not covered up.


Rihanna Finger Tattoos

Aside from her large tribal tattoos, Rihanna wears many finger tattoos. She wears one labeled ‘shhh,’ which seems to carry no deeper meaning other than saying it for you when you put your fingers to your lips. Lastly, on her left middle finger, she tattooed the word, ‘love.’

Rihanna’s wonderful tattoos inspire people around the world to push forward with their dreams. Despite her setbacks and missteps, Rihanna lives the life of an idol and never lets her past drag her down. Her tattoos represent her tribute to the art world and her undying courage in the face of adversity.

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