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Roses Tattoos

Roses Tattoos

Tattoos of roses go back as far as tattoos of any kind go. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world, we know roses for their multitude of colors. We use them to represent love, friendship, and even sorrow. They simultaneously contain many different meanings, some of which we tackle today. Their closeness to our hearts makes them perfect for tattoos. When just one rose won’t do, go ahead and look at roses tattoos. The meaning multiplies! Apply tattoo lotion on your beautiful new flower tattoos and watch the colors bloom as your skin heals.

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Red Roses Tattoos

A bushel of red flowers means love and passion! The rose lives briefly ,and we need to trim them often so flowers can bloom again next year. The amount of flowers in a bouquet of red roses matters—one means romance and love, while twelve shows your deep thanks. Multiples of five after that show your unbridled passion! It’s ironic that getting a bunch of red roses rivals the cost of getting roses tattoos! Red roses cost $15 each, although they run cheaper or more expensive depending on your area. Thankfully, you only need one for romantic situations! The type of red that you use in your tattoo also matters. Crayon red means classic romance, dark red means future love, and pink depicts a poetic romance. Use lidocaine cream if you don’t want your tattoo to be associated with any sort of pain!

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Roses Meanings

On top of the meanings of red roses tattoos, all other rose colors mean something unique! Every single color has its own meaning. White roses represent marriage, orange roses show friendship, and yellow depicts joy. Some rare color mixes mean something special. Coral roses represent desire, peach roses represent modesty, lavender roses represent a magical love, blue roses show unrequited love, and black or deep purple roses represent sorrow and mourning. Thanks to some ancient breeding measures, roses grow in any color—although with crazy colors like blue, you need to dye the water of white roses. Having more than one rose in your roses tattoo simply multiplies the meaning behind it. Grab some numbing cream if you plan on adding a whole bouquet, though!

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Heart and Roses Tattoos

Roses interconnect to the functions of our hearts. They are a way of expressing love and passion. It makes sense that tattoos of roses would often have a heart in them! While roses are fleeting moments of passion, coupling them with a heart can show that your love is everlasting. Making a heart using the petals of a rose shows a love that is still blooming inside you. Make sure your artist grabs you a nice tattoo chair or tattoo bed so that you enjoy the experience of your rose and heart tattoo.

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When getting your tattoo of roses, you don’t have to worry about the exact amount of roses. While they do have their own specific meanings, the meaning you give to them overrides that. What’s more, when talking about love and passion, it doesn’t have to be directed towards a person. Your tattoo of roses could be talking about your passion towards rock climbing, salsa dancing, painting, or anything else! And, despite being associated mainly with love, they can also represent the undying devotion of your soul. If you are interested in getting a tattoo with so many meanings, then be sure to check out the tattoo gallery below!



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