Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius Tattoos

If your birthday is coming up soon, you probably call yourself a Sagittarius! From November 23rd to December 21st, the sun sits in Sagittarius. Consequently, if you want to treat yourself with something personal this year, go with a Sagittarius tattoo. Of course, as with all tattoos, you should only consider getting one if it matches your personality. Do you often ask your horoscope for how to act every day? Or, do you know your lucky color? Do you ask the sign of others to guess how well you will get along with them? If so, you might want to look into Sagittarius tattoos. This article contains the best Sagittarius tattoos, along with their meaning!

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Sagittarius Tattoos Meaning

First of all, the stars of Sagittarius depict Chiron, a centaur known throughout the ancient world for his wisdom. He pupils included Achilles, Hercules, and Jason—all famous heroes. Sadly, Hercules accidentally wounded Chiron with a poisoned arrow. Chiron counted himself among the immortal, so he resigned himself to a life of pain. Consequently, he offered himself as a substitute for Prometheus, so only one person needed to suffer. Jupiter honored his wish and placed his image in the stars.

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Sagittarius Tattoos for Females

Sagittarius women are the smartest ladies around, with theories and science taking a large role in their life. They can be a little too confident of their smarts and get themselves into trouble if they put too much trust in those around them. For a modern Sagittarius woman, a subtle bow and arrow shows that they are determined and strong, just like their sign.

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Sagittarius Tribal Tattoos

Whether they’re abstract or styled, Sagittarius tribal tattoos are sure to catch the eyes of passersby. Most tribal tattoos depict Sagittarius as a satyr, rather than a centaur—but there are a few that go out of their way to depict a horse body with lightning bolt-style tribal lines.

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Whether you go with a standard centaur tattoo, stylized it with just the bow and arrow, adorn yourself with tribal designs, or get the name of Sagittarius tattooed, your Sagittarius tattoo shows everyone who you are. You can be proud of your bold, strong, and smart nature. Just be careful that you don’t get too full of yourself! For more Zodiac Tattoos, check out our Zodiac Tattoos article.


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