Scorpio Tattoos

Scorpio Tattoos

The personality of a Scorpio is evident in everything they do: they are passionate, resourceful, unyielding, and independent. They don’t know the meaning of restraint, or if they do, they disregard it. Their fierce intelligence is both a tool and a weapon when dealing with those around them, and their moodiness is unparalleled in any other sign. Next to Leo, Scorpios are the most outgoing of the signs. Their attention to trends and fashions means that they are perfectly suited to the art of tattoos. Today, we’ll be talking about the meaning of Scorpio zodiac tattoos and different styles for them!

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Scorpio Tattoos Meaning

In Greek myths, Orion went a little overboard when he bragged about his conquests against the wilds and the women he met. The great earth goddess, Gaia, created a large scorpion that was sure to destroy him. He fled, but in the end he could not escape the poisonous tail of the beast. Zeus placed them both in the heavens on opposite sides of the sky, ensuring their quarrel could not continue.

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Scorpio Tribal Tattoos

All things considered, tribal tattoos are good at accentuating the spikes and thorns that adorn scorpions. Arachnids have so many bends, joints, and curves that it is difficult not to make a scorpion design look tribal. When getting a tribal Scorpio tattoo, you have to select your artist carefully. While scorpions are suited well to tribal designs, that doesn’t mean every artist can pull it off. Many Scorpio tribal tattoos end up overdesigned and resemble a crab or a deep sea beast, rather than a scorpion. Other great designs styles include 3D Scorpio tattoos and stylized versions of the Scorpio zodiac sign.

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Scorpion tattoos mean feminine power and inscrutability. Another power of Scorpio rests not in its physical speed or strength, but in its ability to strike and poison exactly where it needs to. As a strong Scorpio, you know exactly how much strength lies in your words. Scorpio tattoos are a great way of reinforcing your self-image and showing off your beauty to the world. Whether you are the loud and outgoing Scorpio or calm and calculating Scorpio, a Scorpio tattoo lets others know that they should be wary to wrong you!


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