Scripture Tattoos | 20 Tattoos that Show Faith and True Love

Scripture Tattoos | 20 Tattoos that Show Faith and True Love

Today’s gallery will be all about unique Christian tattoo art! These scripture tattoos inspire, encourage, and resound with anyone who views them. Even non-Christians may find a piece of wisdom in these lovely passages. It’s difficult to run across cool Christian tattoos…mostly because there is a huge stigma against it in certain Christianity sects! We’ll be going over just what sort of limitations the bible puts on tattoos, along with what scriptures are perfectly suited to display on the body! Grab some numbing cream, because I know you’ll want a tattoo after you read all this.

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Is Getting a Tattoo Against the Bible?

It is explicitly written in Leviticus 19:28, ‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.’ So, at first glance, it might appear that tattoos are entirely forbidden. After all, it says right there—‘no tattoo marks.’ This is where you might be mistaken. The word tattoo stems from taboo, so there are only certain tattoos that are taboo, if you will. It was common among Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to tattoo false gods, images of their dead loved ones, and ceremonial symbols as a religious duty. All this before the invention of lidocaine cream made it a truly painful process!


This verse tells Christians not to imitate cultures that do not worship the Lord or use tattoos to gain some sort of magical power. Simply put, those sorts of practices are not Christian. But that doesn’t mean that all tattoos are banned! You just have to make sure it is a mere piece of art that represents something important to you or a representation of Christ (rather than a literal spiritual focus), not a symbol worth worshiping in and of itself.



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Scripture Tattoos Ideas

Finding Scripture Tattoo Ideas is easy with the way modern bibles are set up. Simply flip to the end and look for a glossary. The glossary will be full of topics and point to each scripture where the topic is mentioned…or, in the case of huge topics, the most important scriptures that relates to them. If you are looking for scriptures suited to your particular gender, read the stories that match your character. In example, if you want a scripture tattoo that highlights your womanhood, you could read about the story of Ruth. If you are looking for a story of a man among men, then Lot is your dude. With a little bit of tattoo ointment, your favorite bible quote tattoo stays crisp and clear for years.

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Scripture tattoos are more than just an image. They are a reminder. During challenging times, you can look at that tattoo and be reminded of the Lord. Tattoos are not meant to be worshiped, but they can remind you to have faith during hard times anyways. And what better way to serve the Lord than to decorate the temple he gave you when you were born? Tattoo artists do their best to provide a sterile and comfortable experience with custom tattoo chairs and tattoo beds, making it all the more simple for you to show your dedication.

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