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Despite its simplicity, a semicolon tattoo hides a deep and personal meaning. In English grammar, the semicolon connects two closely related sentences. Honestly, writers use it liberally to emulate speech. During the course of their life, many people struggle to see themselves escape dark times. These people enter a spiral of depression that ends in suicide. In other words, suicide ends the sentence of their life with a period.

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When people escape their fate—usually through the help of others—they commemorate that triumph over darkness with a semicolon tattoo. The tattoo tells everyone that they have exited their old life sentence—not with a period, but a semicolon. They now live in a brighter world and hope that their second sentence carries them through a happy life. Today, let’s look at some of the brightest semicolon tattoo images and enjoy the fact that so many people lived through the darkest time of their lives! If you want resources that focus more on tattoos, check out our resources page. If you feel that you need mental assistance, please seek that out from health professionals in your area. I promise they don’t bite. Psychological illness is something that a doctor treats like any other malady.

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Unique Semicolon Tattoos

Of course, not everyone settles for a simple semicolon tattoo. Although its minimalism makes the point simple, the tattoo essentially represents a piece of art, and lots of people want something more interesting. Combining it with their new concept of life works wonderfully. Birds represent freedom from their past life. A heart shows that love carries them through life. Even little symbols to remind the person why they live on combine well with semicolons. In example, a religious symbol, their cute cat, or a family member’s name all prevent dark thoughts from creeping back out of their past.

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Along with images, words also form powerful messages. It makes sense, given that we talk about a simple grammatical mark for this article! Quotes that represent why they keep living—or declaring their support of delivering people from the prison of their minds—give others a little more context than a punctuation mark. ‘My story isn’t over yet,’ ‘Cont;nue,’ ‘V;ctory,’ and more all show pride in success.

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Semicolon Tattoo Placement

On top of the interesting meanings behind semicolon tattoos, the location of the tattoo also adds a bit of symbolism. A semicolon tattoo behind the ear shows that the wearer always listens to the lessons of their past. On top of that, they only show the tattoo when they wear their hair up or shave their hair down. This makes it a very personal and private location for the wearer. A semicolon tattoo on the finger keeps that person from acting against themself in their daily life, thus ensuring they always act in their best interests.

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However, you see semicolon tattoos on the wrist far more often than any other semicolon tattoo. You see, most people who escape their past go forth with scars of their old life. The wrist serves as the most common spot for self-mutilation, and the long scratch marks constantly remind them of their old ways. Unfortunately, the act of self-harm forms a vicious cycle. The rush of adrenaline from the short burst of pain creates a means to escape the stress of daily life. After using self-mutilation to treat their stress for so long, any sort of bad tidings tempts them to return, even after starting their new life.

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The solution? Placing a semicolon tattoo right on the scars! A tattoo obscures the scars underneath—perhaps even giving off the illusion that the scars belong to the tattoo design. More importantly, when someone takes a knife and places it over their old scars, the semicolon tattoo blocks the person from self-harming once more. Cutting over a tattoo forms a white scratch of scar tissue—permanently. It provides both a reminder and an incentive to keep away from self-harm. The beautiful utility of this tattoo saves lives.

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Semicolon Heart Tattoo

The heart semicolon meaning goes a little deeper than what I described in the Unique Semicolon Tattoos section. So, let me go into the details here! To most people, helping themselves seems unnecessary. After all, they deal with the symptoms of their disease, not other people—right? Sometimes, it even seems detrimental to seek help—the costs of medical care, therapy, and so on strain their wallets, especially in America.

However, when someone close to them starts to feel the weight of their troubles, they may try to intervene. A friend, lover, or family member may tell you about your symptoms and how it affects them. Or, they may explain that they want the person to lead a better, more fulfilling life, by leaving their baggage behind them. Of course, mere words cannot heal diseases, but they do inspire people to seek professional help. From there, they pick up the scraps of their old life and weave a new quilt out of them. Their life begins anew.

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The heart symbolizes the love and care of those who brought them out of their eternal slump. Without them, the wearer of the tattoo may still have been stuck in their spiral of despair…or worse, they may have ended their life! To the ones who saved their life, a heart accompanying the semicolon tattoo says a little ‘thank you.’

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The Guardian Semicolon Tattoo

Whether you want to transform your past or show solidarity with those living a troubled life, the semicolon tattoo tells everyone that you triumph over darkness. On top of that, it shows everyone falling on hard times that a silver lining exists. Time passes, and so too will their troubles. What many people stuck in this situation lack is hope. They see no escape from something that they suffer through for their entire lives. However, the comfort of knowing that some do escape and lead brand new lives may give them hope. Hope that one day, they too will conquer their dark halves and emerge victorious. May they all receive a brand new sentence for a brand new life with a semicolon tattoo!

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