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All About Skull Tattoos For Men – History And Significance

As you already know, tattoos represent a person’s personality and character traits. With so many tattoo design ideas out there, getting one inked is hardly limited to enhancing body beauty anymore. Modern tattoos not only enhance beauty, but also to show off attitude and character. Combine that with tattoo lotion, which makes aftercare and the healing process much safer, and it’s amazing how much the world of tattoos expands your possibilities! Skull tattoos seem to be more popular among men than the other types of tattoos. In this article, we offer you some tips on skull tattoos for men and their designs. And if you fear skulls, well, time for a new perspective!

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Misunderstood Skull Tattoos for Men

Often misunderstood across the ages, skull tattoos are in fact underappreciated. Often, people think that skull tattoos symbolize death. Nothing rests further from the truth! Misconceptions about skull tattoos abound; some believe that they symbolize danger and fear and that only those men with a brash attitude leading a wayward lifestyle wear them. Often, you notice men who sport skull tattoos also get other similar kinds of tattoos, such as scorpion tattoos, dagger tattoos, flame tattoos, or cross-bone tattoos inked on other parts of their body. Although often associated with misfortune and bad luck, the image of skull tattoos underwent a significant change in recent years.  Lidocaine cream may have helped a lot of sensible (aka sensitive) men spread the meaning of skull tattoos as well.

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What Skull Tattoos Define in Modern Society

More and more men open up to the fact that skull tattoos work with fashion, just like any other tattoo design. These days, a lot of men wear skull tattoos for a variety of reasons; ironically, contrary to what most people believe, these days men wear skull tattoos as a way to tell the world that they have ended their past wayward life and are onto becoming nice, “good guys”; it is often said that if you are going through a streak of misfortune or some kind of jinx, getting a skull tattoo inked on your body might help break the spell of bad luck. They scare away bad luck in your life just like tattoo numbing cream scares away pain in your tattoo session.

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These days, even some well known celebrities wear skull tattoos. Importantly, you need to understand that skull tattoos represent more than evil. Even if they look creepy, alone, they make no indication of gang involvement or anti-social behavior. Yes, skull tattoos represent a daring and courageous character, but that in itself cannot be called evil. If you’re an artist, grab a professional tattoo chair and tattoo bed so that you can reflect the meaning behind skull tattoos in a comfortable setting.

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Thinking About Skull Tattoos?

Skull Tattoos Design Ideas and Tips: If you look forward to a skull tattoo, let’s share some good news! Due to their overwhelming popularity, artists carry tons of experience inking skull tattoos in tons of designs and colors. Old school skull tattoos usually use dark colors, while the new age tattoo artists design skull tattoos with bright colors. You only need to ask yourself one thing before buying the tattoo: does your personality go well with a skull tattoo? If yes, go for it; if not, then go for something that looks cute and less nasty.


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